A good 14$ yoyo?


I don’t like the t5

(InvaderDust) #22

depends on how long and how hard you play. Bulk string is cheap for a reason. This is why I do not like bulk strings, but again, if you are just starting out, youll go through some strings, so get extras.

Wash your hands before using your yoyo will help your strings last alot longer also. Grubby, grimey, oily, dirty, greasy hands will crap your strings out much faster.

(Isuck) #23

I decided I’m gonna pick the t8 thanks!


Hey, we’re all online!

(InvaderDust) #25

yoyos are addicting. be ready to buy many more.


Yep… be ready to get more :slight_smile:

(Isuck) #27

Thnx m8 you made me a little afraid but I really appreciate your informations!

(Evan Landreneau) #28

If you need anything PM me!

(InvaderDust) #29

dont be afraid. Be excited! Youll need to learn how to wind up and bind your yoyo first off. You have taken the first step to a whole new world of expression and challenge. . You dont need an expensive yoyo, but youll want them later. haha This is an exciting time to enter the yoyo world. Its hard to find a bad one, and there are SOOO many good choices. Your tastes will change and refine over time. Next yoyo you get, get a different shaped one than the one you got before.

My advise is get several small packs of strings. Try as many brands, thicknesses (thin, reg, fat), and types (poly, nylon, blends) as you can. You will like some more than others and some strings will perform better in certain yoyos, so be sure to experiment as your funds allow.

Also, welcome to an exciting and supportive hobby and community. We hope you like what you find and stick around.

(ChrisFrancz) #30

T6 Rainbow, N12, Node, or Locus. I use all of them regularly. Locus comes responsive so I switched out the bearing. I don’t hesitate to recommend either of these but the N12 or Node will give you more bang for your buck.

(ChrisFrancz) #31

Magic Yoyo strings stink.

(Isuck) #32

Thanks man!
I wanna ask one last question can I make a yoyo string from polyester/cotton thread by just
pulling one string from the thread and make knots at both ends (one for the bearing and the other for my finger)
Will that work??

(InvaderDust) #33

So much yes. But there is a little more to it, but not much.

Id avoid cotton, but nylon is another material that may interest you in time. But poly is cheap, easy to find, and comes in any color youd ever want.

String making is AWESOME and there is alot of good resources in making your own yoyo string.
Use the search feature here on these forums to find threads (no pun intended) about making your own strings. Also the subreddit r/stringmakerz is an amazing place to learn some basics.

(Isuck) #34

Awesome you really helped me man you’re the best! Thanks!
And thanks for everyone who replied I really appreciate it!


No knots on the bearing end

(Isuck) #36

Then how to do it?? And why not??

(InvaderDust) #37

youtube “how to make yoyo string”
or google it. Or search that here, or on reddit’s search.

(Isuck) #38

Aight thanks m8!

(InvaderDust) #39

it will make better sense to see how its done, then read about it. You need very little and itll all make sense soon. :smiley:

(Isuck) #40

Sure! I will!