Yo-yo suggestions?

I do appreciate everyone’s suggestions but I ended up getting a DV888 Starter Kit
I will leave this topic open though for any future suggestions I may need. Still up to hear about Kevlar string if anyone knows anything.

I’m pretty new to trick yoyoing as well. I picked up a Magic YoYo N12 for less than $20 on Amazon. It’s unresponsive, very stable. I didn’t have any trouble learning to bind it, and the wide bearing really does make it easier to get a long sleeper and catch on the string.

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

As stated earlier magicyoyo is a nice choice. Other cheap options would be the yoyofficer line or maybe the plastic speedaholic for unresponsive. Unresponsive play isn’t that bad. The maverick should be able to hit most of the tricks you’re trying up through advanced part 2 and could technically do them all with enough practice. That said a new yoyo is never a bad thing and building up your collection can be fun and some yoyos are definitely easier to learn some tricks on.

The YYF Shutter is $45 and it’s absolutely amazing. If you don’t want to spend that much, the YoyoOfficer Kilter 2 is $30 and looks to be pretty good. I haven’t personally used it, but it is shaped like a YYF Superstar which plays pretty great. Just look around on yoyoexpert, and theres a lot of cool stuff to see that’s pretty inexpensive.

If you are just getting into unresponsive play, I would recommend getting an unresponsive plastic yoyo before heading to the metal side of the coin. Metal is great, don’t get me wrong, but when binds go bad, metal is not what you want cruising towards your face. All the same, these are the yoyos I would recommend for someone at your stage in learning:

YYF Onestar

Light, unresponsive, and a wide shape make this a good first “advanced” yoyo. Cheap makes it easily replaceable if something goes wrong with it too.

YYF Speed Dial

I’m kinda on the old school side of yoyo choices, so I recommend this one just because I remember when they came out. Adjustable response and plastic rims to prevent dinging and injury. This would make for a good transition into high end yoyo play.


I have never used Kevlar string, so I can’t give you an accurate opinion of that stuff. As for good bulk string though, I always recommend large quantity 100% Polyester. Kitty String Standard is always at the top of my list, but you can get generic ropes a bit cheaper and they would serve your purpose well :). You will be using quite a bit string!


Kitty String

Hope this helps!

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