A good 14$ yoyo?

(Isuck) #1

So I have only 14$ for a yoyo so I need to pick the best one at this price plus it’s my first yoyo so… Any recommendations??


From your other post, I gather that you want to start right in with binding?

From what I hear, it might be hard to beat this for $8:

This is fun and big. It has an adjustable gap, so you could always crank it in if you get frustrated:

(Tyler) #3

With $2 more, you can get a Replay Pro

(Isuck) #4

Guys please I need help I’m really confused I don’t know what to pick
I’m a beginner

I can’t choose between the t5,t8,n8

Any help??

(Evan Landreneau) #5

Are you looking for a small or regular sized yoyo?


For magicyoyo entry level the N12 is a can’t miss choice. Not listed in the above, but… we recommend it :wink:

(Isuck) #7

I like the size of the n8 actually it looks sexy but I prefer performance plus I’m afraid my hands could get bigger lol (I’m 15)


What if eventually you have giant hands?

(Evan Landreneau) #9

I’d recommend the n12 if you can get it

(Isuck) #10

Unfortunately I have to get a lube and I have only 19 dollars and I’m too excited to get my hands on my first yoyo to be honest so I can’t wait to save more money so my choices are kinda limited between those 3

(Evan Landreneau) #11

I haven’t heard of the t5 or t8 so I can’t help you decide. But there are other people on here that can help you.

(Isuck) #12

Thnx I appreciate your care

(Evan Landreneau) #13

No problem!


The N8 is undersized so I’d recommend one of the two others as more typical sized.

(InvaderDust) #15

Not the N8. Thats one of my least favorite yoyos ever.

(Isuck) #16

I’ve got a good deal for the t8
It’s 11$ with 6× strings
And a glove and 1 yoyo holder should I pick it up??

(InvaderDust) #17

You dont need a glove, Get extra strings instead. Unless it all has to come together, that would be fine to get started, but you likely wont need a glove (unless you live in a very humid environment.)

(Isuck) #18

Sure but I have to ask how long would a string last??

(InvaderDust) #19

Some string will last a couple hours of play before it starts to frizz out.

some “good” strings can last WAY longer. Avoid cotton, it likes to break. Polyester is good to start. I like Nylon personally, but that may be an aquired taste to explore later on down the line.

(Isuck) #20

Those are polyester but a couple hours?? You mean I have to change the string every day almost??