A&A Yoyo Strings - Subscriptions now available

Awesome, hope you like them!


Those colors are KILLER! I liked one of mine, but both of those are amazing!!


First let me just start of by saying that these strings are AMAZING !!! I don’t know how you guys did it but it’s incredible !!! These are the best strings in the world for holding its tension !!! Seriously the tension remains neutral after all of my hardest tricks and long combos, It’s insane !!! they are very soft and SUPER whippy as well. It’s so fast that you can literally hear the string cut through the air and hear a whoosh sound !!!. I also landed a triple hidemasa hook because it was so fast. And don’t get me started on the colors !!! (or flavors that is :wink:) they look fantastic !!! I’ve recently been wanting the blue with green colorway string, and sure enough i got it without even knowing what colors I was going to get !!! Overall these strings are fantastic and they are very fun to throw with. I appreciate the free samples and now because of that I’m a fan :grin: !!!

My one question to you is that “approximately how long does one string last ??” Once again I appreciate it thanks :+1:t2:


I received mine yesterday, and will take pics later. I just Wanna say im extremely impressed with the packaging! I opened my mailbox and thought WTF is this?!? Then I remembered about the strings!

I love the cardboard holder thingy!! Genius idea!
I’ll try the strings tonight and give you my thoughts


thanks for the free strings! So far I’ve only gotten around to playing the poly one, i love how soft it is and how well it whips. also holds tension well without even being fully stretched yet


Thanks for the feedback, really glad you like them!

As far as how long they last… It partly depends on the forumla. Formula 1 (the orange one in your pack, we call that flavor Hummingbird) is mostly nylon and will last a very, very long time. I keep a handful of yoyos at my work desk and mess around with them when I need a break. So a yoyo might get played with 5 minutes a day, or maybe 30, but I’ve had some formula 1s on throws for months. Again, I’m not sitting there playing for hours, but they definitely last a lot longer than bulk. Because Formula V (green one, Stingray) has more poly, it wears out quicker, but still lasts a long while. In fact as you continue to play, I’d love to hear how long before you replace them!


Thanks Aaron !!! I appreciate the response back. It’s nice to know that the strings will last a pretty long time, I throw almost every day so I’ll definitely be using these a lot !!! and I’ll let you know when I replace them for sure :wink: I still can’t believe that you said it sometimes lasts for months :sweat_smile: !!!


Got mine in yesterday, haven’t got a chance to string one up yet but the packaging and presentation are absolutely beautiful, love the artwork! Looking forward to testing this weekend!

And I’m gonna save the card they came on and find a practical use for it. The art is just too cool.



these strings are amazing and have become my new favorites. i’m looking forward to getting more of these


Received mine today and I’m loving them.

First impression is they are very very very soft, smooth & light weight. The more poly version is unbelievable comfortable on hand. The more nylon version is a bit more whippy but also a bit more harsh to hand. I love the feeling of the poly version but the longevity of the nylon is charming.

TBH they are not as whippy as most of the bulk strings I have due to the light weight & softness, but they provides such a refreshing experience that I really appreciate. They also last for a noticeably longer time than my bulk string.

Great work & thanks for the sample!

P.S: I hope there’s a thicker version of them.


Awesome, really glad you’re liking them!

We think Formula V sits pretty well in the “normal” thickness, and Formula 1 is more towards “thick”. But wee are always working on new formulas and thicker options should be coming in the future!


Wanted to let everyone know the string subscriptions are now available! Check out our instagram for the details (Login • Instagram)


Thanks to everyone who subscribed! Our first month went very well and we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback. Check out the photo below for June’s offerings and visit our instagram for information on how to subscribe Login • Instagram (or search aayoyostrings) If you have any questions, please let us know

Flavors from top left to bottom right: Fake Italian Ice, Iceberg Ahead, Elephant, Carrot, Lemon Lime, #97. First row is Formula 1, second row is Formula V.


It’s hot as heck outside and we’ve got some equally hot strings available for July. Alright fine, I’ll stop the used car salesman bit… But we do have some good looking strings available! Check out out on Instagram (aayoyostrings) for more information