888 strings

hey guys, I have started to make strings, each one is at LEAST $1, why? Because each string is twisted by a hand powered drill, so you’re paying for labor. $4 for priority shipping. I offer the following formats:

loose fit:
very loose twisted
good for sumo/washing machine style

tight fit:
tight twisted, $2
nice tension,
very, very unresponsive, don’t try to use chaz pads in this…it will be slip city

Dreadnought G-string
$5 each
its made of fishing line, very…verry…VERY strong
you’ll only need one
only for use with dreadnought-dreadnought G
very very thick

or, if you would like, I could just ship strings in an envelope.


1 string is $5 with shipping?

Noooo. :frowning:

Yeah seriously, when you say 1 dollar is “labor costs” for “hand drilling” it that is way too much. There are plenty of people who you could get 10 strings for one of yours. Unless they play AMAZING, then I’m sorry but nobody will buy them

I really doubt you’ll get someone to pay $5 for one string…that you say is “loose twisted” (that isn’t a good thing).

let him learn the trade if ya wanna buy it buy it if ya dont then dont

ima lower the prices down to 50c once I get an electric drill, the loose twist is pretty nice for doing the on string/off string tricks. The tight twists are really nice, extremely unresponsive, got around 6 lindy’s with more room to spare. The dreadnought G-stings are only good for Oversized YYR and they are great for offstring.

so yes, the prices will get lower,

Make the shipping lower.

added option of shipping by envelope.

is it 100% fishing line?


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it seems you feel the need to comment on every post I make, why is that?

It is 100% fishing line, It it also possible to make a 1 strand version of the fishing line string, it feels a lot like rope. I find that the loose fit version is easier to do sumo with than loose fit reg. The fishing line string, if you find a yoyo that you can throw with it properly, it is a whip moster, it just eats whips and suicides up, a little stiff for tricks that involve hanging slack

the loose fit reg. is very fast, however, they do not last long.

the tight fit reg. is almost as fast as the loose fit, however, extremely thin and a lot coarser

all strings are a blend of poly/cotton unless specified.

i will have some at the next NH yoyo meet.

Not trying to seem offensive here, but this is a bit ridiculous.

I know of many string makers who use a hand-held drill for manufacturing, and their prices are much much lower. The fact that you are trying to pull off pressing a button for all of three minutes as labor is unfair to the consumer. Personally, I think it would go over better if you had more credibilty on the product, rather than you just saying “These are good at this, those are better at that.” Send some string to Buddy Jim, Gizzyo, and James. They are all reputable string makers, and will be able to provide a fair and unbiased review of your string and if it is worth it.

I personally won’t pay over 25 cents per string. But that’s just me.

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thats not hand powered.


that is the drill I use, with a hook attachment, it takes five or more minutes to twist a string, hurts your arm after awhile. I’m not expecting to sell many strings, I started making the string to get my own stye of string for my own style of play, plus its pretty fun.

oh yes, and I will get a few reviews soon from
pat con
jim (gizzyo)

and some more guys

Since when?

since sometime next NH yoyo meet. :wink:

I never said I would reveiw your string.

the double quoting.

i dont need a review, ima just bring along 5x of each string, let you guys tell me what you think, is that ok?

I dont care what you use to make your string. The labor that went into the string does not effect the pefrormance and that is all anyone in their right mind should care about. So good job making it hard on yourself, maybe you should get a drill.