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Quick 13 String

$3.00 for Five/ One of each type. Colors of my choice
$3.00 for Five/ Same type. Choose two or more colors from selection.
$3.00 for String Sling. Colors of my choice.
$4.00 for String Sling with clip

Shipping can vary depending on what is ordered.

All strings are hand made.
50"-52" in length.
Available Colors: Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Black, White

Lucky 7: 100% Polly. Gets very soft after being broken in. Whips pretty fast, but retains enough float to open up during slacks. Binds tight. Medium Thickness

Lucky 7x: Same make up as original, different twisting method gives string more stiffness and tension control

Type 13: Blend Polly/Nylon. Very smooth slick string, very fast playing, gets faster with time. Whips faster then Lucky7. Binds tight. Medium Thickness

Type 13z: Same make up as original, different twisting method gives string more stiffness and tension control

Prototype: Triple Blend of material, Short Kink Method. Super soft, medium whip speed. Fast through the fingers. Tension stays moderately neutral.

Custom Blend Orders: I can custom make some string with varying amounts of materials or colors at your request. We can try to make a string to fit you. Depending on request, there may be a longer wait or additional price.

I’ve also added a String Sling. Something I made for myself and I thought it was pretty cool and maybe someone else would want one.

If your interested or want to see a picture of some product E-mail me, find me on FB, reply to this post or Personal Message me. These are some custom orders from very happy customers.
“Throw” me a like

New Batch Of Lucky 7


Screamin Yellow

Nuclear Bud

Volcanic Whip

Radioactive Slick

Spidey Web

PBR and The Iron Man String

New string slings. Tired of that generic ball and elastic? Don’t want that big clunky leather holster? Why not have a sling made out of stuff we play with every day… Yoyo String. Clip the string sling right to the carabiner then slip the yoyo in the loop and cinch it down.
Colors are all pre-made and pictured below. You can get it with the carabiner loop already in it. Our i can leave it so you can do what you want with it.

With out the carabiner loop.

Pre-Made choices (More options later if they sell)

Works with the yoyo sock from Twisted Stringz (Not Included Contact Twisted)


With the carabiner loop

Easily Fits around your Chief (Also with the sock on)

With Twisted Stringz Sock

$3.00 for five strings.
$3.00 for String Sling
$4.00 for String Sling with clip

Shipping depends on quantity

Now Accepting Pay Pal

Remember these are custom hand made individually one at a time.

Happy Customers

Can you make a batch that whips/slacks as fast or faster than highlights and holds tension well in a mid thickness format?

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got my string a couple of days ago, it plays amazing! i just told him what kind of tricks i did and what i wanted the colors to be, and he perfected everything. and its super cheap for quality string! Will totally buy more in the near future!

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These strings are the best. Just try ten. I guarantee you will come back for more.

Offer for Trades.
U.S. Only please sorry.

Near Mint-W/Box G2/ Blue Turqoise Splash Albatross Damage Shown
Near Mint- No Box YYF Avant Garde
Offer for Avant Garde
$80 for Tross

$6 for shipping

Looking for Chief, Nessie, Skywalker, 44 Clash Avant Garde, Wrath

This is a stock photo of the Avant Garde color way.

I am looking to trade, Make me some offers for this.

Thanks For Lookin

Happy Customer

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Would there be any way to buy in bulk? (just looking for now, but I may order some, and if I like it I’d prefer to be able to purchase in bulk if at all possible)