I am small company out of Orlando, Florida that just enjoys making string for throwers. I am not trying to be the biggest in the industry but I would like to be one of the best. My strings are of the highest quality and last for a very long time. The more you play them the better they get. They get way better long before they get worse. Give them a try I guarantee you will find a new favorite string.

All strings now made using a “Touch-less” process. Although still hand made, this new process will keep all the oils from my hands off your brand new strings. Extending their life and giving you a one of a kind, brand new string feel.

$3.00 for Five/ Sample Pack. One of each type. Colors of my choice
$3.00 for Five/ L7 or T13
$3.00 for Five/ Prototype
$3.50 for Five/ X-Type

I will ship the first five strings for free.
It will be 50 cents per ten strings after that, up to a max of $2.50

All strings are hand made. Per Order, no stockpiling or whole selling.
50"-52" in length.
Available Colors: Colors can vary from time to time.

I have 6 types out at the moment.

L7-100% Polly Mix of soft and slick. Tension control is good. Binds tight.
L7x-Same materials as L7 with a special twist I made my self. It gives the string a stiffer feel and is a master of tension control

T13- Blend of Nylon and Slick polyster. String has a very slick feel. Whips faster than average but not out of control. Tension hold is good.
T13x- Same as T13 with my X-twist. Again the X-twist gives incredible tension control and a stiffer feel allowing for the string to open up during slacks and suicides

Redesigned Proto-Triple blend of Spun poly, slick poly and nylon. This string whips a little slower than the others that allows the loop to open up during slack. Tension control is SUPERB.

NEW Proto-Pillar-100% Poly Super soft, softest string in my arsenal. Doesn’t last as long as my other strings but is soft it is worth it. Still whips very well despite how soft it is, did I mention it’s soft? Handles tension superb.

I will also do custom blend colors and material for additional pricing that is negotiable. We can discuss that if you are interested.

I make each order custom when it is received I do not stockpile string. I do this so each order is made with careful attention to detail so you get the highest quality product for your money.

If your interested or want to see a picture of some product E-mail me, find me on FB, reply to this post or Personal Message me. These are picture of some orders I have made. There are more pictures of other string colors on the Quick 13 Facebook page.


New Prototype
Ectoplasm Protopillars

Coral Slick

Green Gobblin

Batch Of Lucky 7


Screamin Yellow

Nuclear Bud

Volcanic Whip

Radioactive Slick

Spidey Web

PBR and The Iron Man String

Shipping depends on quantity

Now Accepting Pay Pal

Remember these are custom hand made individually one at a time.


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Some Quick 13 Happy Customers

Makes AMAZING hand made string and sends it fast. 100% reliable. Would gladly and love to do busines Buyer TiDeCh3 View Detail February 04, 2013, 07:40:13 PM Report

A+ humble, understanding, patient dude, plus makes great strings! They whoosh Trade Jcpdx503 View Detail January 31, 2013, 08:08:49 PM Report

Perfect and flawless Trade. Makes amazing string as well. Trade rdeleon975 View Detail January 04, 2013, 01:46:45 PM Report

Great product for a good price. Buyer theroybit View Detail July 25, 2012, 11:07:13 PM Report

Fantastic maker of fine strings! Love these Nuclear Buds! Buyer attybud View Detail June 30, 2012, 11:46:40 PM Report

fantastic string. would use over any other name brand Buyer Diggadear View Detail June 27, 2012, 12:43:21 PM Report

Super amazing string at an afforable price Buyer qazwaxman View Detail June 19, 2012, 11:43:20 PM Report

Great string Buyer Caphill1430 View Detail June 09, 2012, 08:28:43 PM Report

Can’t wait to try this stuff out

PBR as in Pabst Blue Ribbon or Porfessional Bull Riding? I cant tell if there is a “blue ribbon” in that string or not. But I see some red… :slight_smile:

so i gave your page a like on facebook should i message you my address?

Bump for a hundred strings sent out today.



What’s the largest bundle some one could buy and how can we a new type of string for me color wise and such

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Hey are you going to do the boutique bundle?