LF a long term yoyo string provider.

So I think it would be a good idea to get myself set with a string provider. because as of now, i just order whatever looks cool. and they all end up playing different, so i want to see if i can find an amazing string maker who will let me buy string. for time to come. pm me

Modman10 makes great string and is reliable

Quick 13 string is really great stuff!
From all the string makers on the forums his have been the best IMO
Not sure what your string of choice is but he makes quite the variety

I agree. I just recently bought some and would definitely reccomend Quick 13 string over most brand names. It keeps tensions nicely and lasts long. Definitely worth the price! The first day I got it, I did a quadruple hook (Hidemasa Hook w/4 wraps instead of 2) So if I were you, try out some Quick 13 string right away. :slight_smile: