Wanna trade?

Hey, I have only been introduced to a couple kinds of strings and would like to try some more with out having to buy 5 or 10, So I’m offering a trade, A normal green 100% poly string for any unused string you have laying around your house.

Strings I have tried: YYE 100% poly, Frozen Fire

Strings I would like to try: gator floss, highlites, g-string(all types) angle hair, ETC!

Thanks guys,


You can buy Gatorfloss for $3.50 for ten. Paolo (gm user) makes incredible 80/20 poly/nylon string for $3 for five. What I’m saying is; it’s be simple and pretty cheap for you to try some different strings the old fasfioned way.

Ok, I buy a 5 pack, I hate the string, what can I do? Now I have 5 strings that I hate!

It’s a small risk.

You could try contacting string makers and asking for a sample string.

If you do hate tem, you can always trade them away.

I don’t ever hate string. I like some better than others. I would play any string if it meant I could play. Be lucky you don’t have to play a string for a month straight.