Boss Strings is back

I have about 600 on hand in a lot of different styles. I’ve been putting off making a buy sell trade thread because the amount of detail I really want makes me feel like this thread is going to be super daunting. So lets start simple. I have a lot of string available. I have some that is quite cheap at 20 cents to the moderately expensive at 80 cents a string. The 80 cent stuff is amazing so I don’t want to hear any disparaging comments.

Most things I sell come in twenty packs.

If you tell me your style I will let you know what I think you will like. I will even trade a sample of two strings for two strings of what ever your using to show how good my stuff is. PM me if your interested

(I’m going to put my stock up little by little, but I have a lot more than what is listed.)

Let’s start with this new addition. I have a second poly type I’m adding back to my arsenal. I loved this stuff, but I stopped selling it after some disappointing feedback. It wasn’t even negative, I was just asked what is special about it. Truth be told it is polyester, and as 100% poly it plays like poly, binds like poly, smells like poly, and if you eat it it tastes like poly… or so a friend tells me. Anyway I think it’s one of the better poly brands out there, but it is polyester. I have one color right now, and it is a nice vibrant orange (not neon, but pretty bright/showy.)
50 for $10 or 100 for $19
supply is right now is 100 with an additional 50 on deck

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