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PM me if you are interested in getting a free sample of any of the polyester string types below.

Hey everyone! I am in the business of string making, and am offering 8 different types of string. I will be able to make them in both standard and inverse (lefty) twist. The first 3 strings are 100% polyester and are as follows:

Type M: Thickest out of the three and fairly bouncy. 12 thread string meant for slower play

Type L: Thinnest string offered, best for tricks involving lots of layers of string. 10 thread string good for slower play.

Stingers: These 100% polyester 8 thread strings have very tight twists and they have lots of bounce. They are extremely thin, but they have a rough exterior so it is still possible to catch binds

These Strings will be priced $2.50 for 5 and $4 for 10. These strings come in single colors, or two color twists. These strings are also about 6ft long, so if you want to try styles of play that need large strings, or of you just want an extremely customizable string size, then this string is for you. Larger quantities of these may be purchased, but be aware it will take a much longer amount of time.

Type UP: Up your play with this 50/50 Polyester and Rayon string. Holds tension like its no ones business, and fells smooth while doing so.
Available in black with a single color twist

These strings will be priced $4 for 5 and $7 for 10.

Superstars: Glow in the Dark strings. These string can be charged in sunlight or by a black light for use in the dark, while still being able to see your strings.

These strings will be price $1 per string

Type HV: Short for high visibility. These strings are neon yellow with glow in the dark thread mixed in providing visibility at all times.

These strings are $1 each or $8 for 10

Lites: These strings are 50/50 poly nylon. These strings play fast and whippy, and they are soft on bare hands. They are white 12 thread strings.

These strings are $3 for 5 or $5 for 10

Bricks: Heavy, and slightly rough. These strings are made of heavy duty nylon thread, and are only available in white.

These strings are $2 for 5 or $3 for 10

The attached picture will include the colors that i have available on all of the applicable strings (except neon yellow). The colors are red, blue, yellow, neon yellow, green, purple, black, and white. Pm me if you are interested in purchasing any of these strings, or have any questions, comments, and concerns.

A minimum of one free string is included with each order, and if you are interested in a certain string, and want to try one out, PM, and I can send one your way.

Please add $5 for shipping on orders of more than 10 strings

LF: YYF Big Deal


I received my strings quickly. Thanks.


How long are they? I’m 6’4" and use yye extra longs.


The strings uncut are just about 6’ in total give or take a couple inches, so I am fairly certain there would be enough string for you in just one string :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweet I’ll pick some up soon, do you do deals for 50 or more?


message me for details :smiley:


You should have pics of the string



More pics will be added soon

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