Can I use a ball bearing yoyo for 4A?

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All 4a yoyos are ball bearing


I feel stupid

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Don’t! We all have moments like that eh?


I know that feels.


It’s okay, you’re just starting to foray into 4A. (Eh, pretty good, huh?)


I didn’t get this :-[
EDIT: Nvm, that was very punny


You can use any RESPONSIVE yoyo for 4A. If you want youse an unresponsive yoyo, do Go West.




Yeah, if you use a bearing (which you have to, there’s no other real option), you’re gonna have to use a slim bearing (one for responsive play.) If you use an unresponsive bearing, then it’s pretty likely you’re going to have a hard time returning it to your hand.


Go West doesn’t have that problem… :smile:


4a is a real style though.

It’s very fun once you even start catching the yoyo. Very rewarding.


You SHOULD use a ball bearing yoyo for 4A, and ideally one purpose built for 4A play.


Actually, most bearings are regular sized in 4A throws, well, at least in my Fiesta XX. They’re not any slimmer, they are just recessed deeper into the halves, thus making the gap smaller and the yoyo responsive. Use a slim bearing in a Fiesta XX, and the gap would basically be nonexistent. And that’s bad.


I was about to say this too. My Windforce uses a YYF c bearing and my C3 Solar uses a normal C sized bearing. It depends on the yo-yo.


Whew, I thought I was completely wrong there…


One person says it’s a slim and then everyone bandwagons. You guys gotta get some non YYJ off-strings.


The YYJ GoBig uses a half-spec C bearing: The slim responsive bearing.
The YYJ Aquarius uses a B-sized bearing, same as what is in the Unleashed.

The Shinwoo Griffin Wing, Duncan Flying Panda and Hayabusa use A-sized bearings.

Just use the correct bearing in the yoyo and you’ll be fine.


Yes, my Rextreme is just the same. I differs from yoyo to yoyo.


Golly!! You and your “Go west” ;);););):wink:

Where is the Go East? Tape in the yoyo cup :stuck_out_tongue:

Just Playing, I think it’s cool/funny :p…

You can use any yoyo that comes back with a tug for 4a…