4a yoyo question

Hey guys, I just got my YYJ Go Big today (awesome yoyo) and I’ve been practicing 4a yoyoing which for those who’ve never tried is ALOT of fun. And I got a question for the more experienced 4a players. Should I switch out the yyj bearing that came with the yoyo for a unresponsive bearing? Or keep the responsive one in there?
And also if you know any tips you wish you knew when you started 4a. Please share em. It would be much appreciated to myself and other new 4a users I’m sure.

Keep the slim bearing otherwise you couldn’t bring It back up.

Try it out. You might like the unresponsive bearing.

I don’t know if it’ll work, but hey, it’s a 4a yoyo, it’s not like you’re going to damage it.

I would keep the slim bearing in of you plan on doing open end whips like ben conde does. I had huge trouble with that trick but now I can do it no problem! :smiley: