equinox unresponsive?

it has a big gap, is it unresponsive with a clean bearing?

I don’t think there’s a responsive yoyo with 4.5mm gap with a clean bearing anywhere around.

Quite frankly most any currently available yoyo is unresponsive with a clean bearing. The condition of the bearing is the prime ingredient in responsive/unresponsive play.

The answer is yes.

i JUST GOT MINE TODAY, sorry about caps, It comes with 2 bearings, slim and normal, I like the slim but thick does have to be doubled up to bind.

thx for all the help, the reason i asked was because i love big yoyos so i was wondering if i could use it as an unresponsive 1a yoyo

Mine didn’t come with a slim :frowning: . So I have to pack it with thick lube every 15 minutes.

I ordered mine not on here because I also wanted some highlights and clear fhz so maybe the other site added one in. It would make sense because it wasn’t shielded. Anyways, yes you can use it for 1a.

Or you can learn how to bind an unresponsive OS yoyo.

I already do know how to…but sometimes it doesn’t even come up with a triple bind

My half spec came deshielded. I can’t speak for YYJ’s slim bearings but it seems reasonable to generalize that slim bearings would usually come deshielded because of limited space. It does seem interesting to me, though, that a yo-yo primarily designed for offstring would be designed with such a large gap. I’m truly curious to know who got the odd one out - Cameron or cbaxt. I personally think it would only make sense to include a slim bearing with it - especially if they are already doing this on yo-yos designed specifically for 1A which is generally played with a larger gap width, but that’s just me.

I read somewhere else that YYJ shipped them with the wrong bearing installed and that website would ship the slim bearings to all their customers that ordered it.