3YO3's Official Manufacturer Thread!- Check out the new Bass Line 2!!!!


Thanks guys!!!


Highly recommended. The feel is something to be experienced


Your site doesn’t mention the Bassline2 yet.


I can’t believe how quickly those all sold, there’s only 1 or 2 left in colours that don’t really interest me. I’ll stand by for a restock if it ever happens. :slight_smile:


I was getting really nervous watching the stocks go down, I knew I wanted 1 black and 1 gold but had to wait for some other financial stuff to happen first.


No worries guys I just shipped out 20 yesterday for a restock. Up to Andre now :slight_smile:

My site is direct link only, that way we could hide it before the drop. The address is www.landonbalk.com/bassline2



Thanks Landon, can you confirm that the finish is Pyramatte, or something else? You site says same specs as the original except for the SEs


Actually that is a good question! It’s charcoal blasted . Blasted w/ fine coal powder. I REALLY dig the finish!!!


Me too. I’m a fan of Pyramatte but the Bass Line 2 just feels so soft and smooth, I don’t think I’ve felt anything like it. Grinds like butter too.


Right?? To my knowledge, no one’s using charcoal yet for a blasting media.

You know what’d be cool, a list of all the different media finishes BUT with a really zoomed in, maybe 10 or 20x shot of the surface!!

Close-Up Photos of Various YoYo Finishes

I’ll make sure to update the Museum entry to state the finish. It would be cool to see each finish under a microscope, someone here must have the necessary equipment :slight_smile:


I just bought a cheapy iphone microscope. If it’s any good, I’ll see what I can do. ;D


Now we’re talking!!! Pics ASAP :smiley:


Well, it gave me a solid excuse to buy a new yoyo.

“It’s for scientific purposes!”

Just put through an order for a Baja on your site. :wink:

Anyone know of any blasts besides the following?

Bead Blast
Charcoal Blast

Any soda blasted yoyos that come to mind? If it works well I’ll need to get a decent array of surfaces…


Candy blast, and soda blast, although most manufacturers bead blasts are different. Also pyramatte isn’t a blast.


Ah my bad. Isn’t candy blast only availiable on the old ILYYs?


Fair enough in my mind :wink:

Ya, there’s LOTS of medias, beyond just that. As stated, pyramatte isn’t a “blast” as it’s done via a tumbler/vibrator. However, it’s ceramic cutting media.

Anyway, I’ve seen walnut shell ground into a fine “sand like” consistency for removing scale/build up. Had a turbo rebuilt for a car of mine, and the aluminum compressor wheel was finished in a similar fashion.

Just like sand paper, there’s different multitudes of “grit”, or abrasive particle size. This is totally where the microscope comes in, as it’ll show up close more detailed differences

Also check this out- commonly used in machining, a surface finish gauge


The newer ones have it too. They went through a phase (see what I did there?) where they didn’t but they brought it back.


The Ilyy phase is soda blasted. Currently there are some Soda Blasted Code 1’s at YYE


And Code 2s. They feel kinda like chalk IMO.