3rd time posting this... Keeps disappearing: Is everyones yeti wobbly?

My yeti has minor string vibe, but has visible wobble and has alot of vibe on grinds.

Have you tried tuning it? Yours is the only one I’ve heard of that wobbles.

yup. Haha its really annoying…

I’m guessing yours was damaged somehow during shipping. I would take it up with YYE they are very good about that sort of thing.

I’ve said it before and will say it again mine is perfect and I love it.

I’m a bit disappointed that its taking so long for more to come out. I was hoping to pick up a second and would love more people to get a chance to throw one.

You’ve mentioned this in the Official CLYW thread, as well as continually starting new threads to discuss it.

How about you just return it to YoYoExpert instead of just posting about it over and over and over? If you posted it 3 times and it keeps getting taken down, and posting about something doesn’t magically make it better…maybe try doing something a little more proactive.

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If you bought it from YYE, handle this privately with YYE before handling it in public on the forum.

Im just making sure that this isnt normal, and that i need to return it.

Return it.

Thanks, in advance ,for not making another thread on this. (There’s a reason why things disappear. Please resist making another similar thread.)


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This was responded to several days ago. That’s why I deleted the first two threads you made.