21 Plus Yo Yo Club. Western Massachusetts (HUGE Update)

Hey everyone. Myself and Nick Gumlaw of Spin Dynamics are starting a 21 plus yoyo club in our hometown of Easthampton, MA. We are looking to see who might be interested in attending. We are shooting to meet up once a month on Sundays from about 3-5pm. The location is still up in the air but we are looking at Amy’s Place Bar and Grill in Easthampton as a starting off point. If you are interested please respond in this post. Thanks!!!

Hey guys, sounds great! count me in.

I’ll be excited to drop in when I visit! :slight_smile:

Good to see more 21+ activities!

I would love to stop in sometime to have a beer and throw some yoyo!

I’m really looking forward to getting this started up. It will be a fun activity where adults can hang out and “unwind” and share tricks and stories. Anyone who thinks they can make it let us know. Matt and I are trying to get things set up so this can be a regular thing, once a month on Sundays. If you think you can make it to any meets, some of them, or just once in a while, or even if you think this is just a good idea, please post here. I’d like to keep this thread in the forefront for as long as possible to help spread the word. Thanks guys!

I’m coming too…how did I miss this post? I’ll definitely drive up and support. When do you think you’ll start up? Great idea…really feel you’re onto something with this one.

Glad to hear your interested. It will be nice to have someone of such tallent coming to our club. We are shooting for mid July to start but nothing is set in stone yet!!

Ok everyone. So it looks like we are looking at Sunday July 22nd for our first meet up. We should be at Amy’s Place at 3pm to start. If anyone needs directions feel free to either let Nick or myself know!! Should be a good time.

Hmmm…not sure about the 22nd, but I will definitely be a member of the club! Such a great idea.

Ok everyone. Today is the day!! Our first meet up. 3pm at Amy’s Place in Easthampton. Should be a good time!! To those who are going see you there!

Hope this one turns out well!! :wink:

Well everyone it was a great success. Thanks to all those who came out. Nick and I are now working on next Month!! We will post soon on a date. Most likely towords the end of August.

Hey everyone,

Were all set for round two!! Sunday August 26th from 2-4pm at Amy’s Place Bar and Grill in Easthampton, MA. All you have to be is 21plus and either a yoyoer or love to watch a bunch of yoyoers!!! See you all there!!


I know I’ll be there!


Sorry, can’t make this one. Hope it is as great as the last!

Ok everyone today it the day. 2-4 at Amy’s Place!!!

I wish I could come :frowning: :’(. I have to work.

I was on vacation wish i could have made it when is the next one?

We are in the process of planning our next event. Anyone going to Ma States be sure to find me (I will be the one with all the purple and green yoyos) or Nick Gumlaw. We are wanting to talk to everyone and see what date and times work as our current location has a big folowing on Sundays for football and it will be hard for us all to fit!! We are looking at late September or early October for our next event. More info soon!!