2023 Aluminum Butterfly

I totally agree with the weight being off without the caps. I put my caps back on after a couple throws with them off.
The yo-yo doesn’t feel like a Butterfly without the caps.


Finally got the stickers on my purple one. It makes a wonderful yoyo wonderfuller!!


Have to say, I like the basic black sticker a lot more than I thought I would. Looks pretty great.


In my opinion the pink and green are the only colors that go good with the psychedelic sticker. But to be fair thats all I’ve ever seen.


How is everyone liking the weight on these?

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I prefer it without the caps. It knocks off around 10g. That and some grease on the bearing made it a great 0A machine for me. I think setup is going to depend on the individual though


Specs are just specs. But for the size I think the capless weight is likely great. But I want the caps in haha


Out of curiosity, what did you do with the other half-swapped pair?

I traded halves with @Eric_Newlin

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I really like that half swap color combo. I especially like the look (and the weight) with the caps off.

If anyone else would be interested in going in on an aqua/green half-swap, I’d be up for it. I can either get the color you don’t have and we can trade halves, or I am willing to get both and send one of the half-swaps to you.

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