Butterfly Hype-Beasts Thread 🦋 - More colours and special editions?

Some of us have been going crazy over the newest version of Duncan’s Butterfly. Yes this little entry level fixed-axle offering from Duncan has had us in a fever. If you didn’t know you can find out more about spotting them here.

So another great thing about the 2020s renaissance of the Butterfly is that there have been some new limited colours and special editions with certainly more to come. There is even talk about making a Drew Tetz signature edition when Drew has a design ready!

What new colour or design would you like to see?

Here are mine:

  1. A marble Butterfly similar to the Huf Butterfly XT only in an electric blue.
    To top it off, I think it would look killer with a redesigned logo based off the vintage triangle butterfly logo.

  2. A glow-in-the-dark Butterfly.

Looking forward to hearing other people’s ideas.
Happy Throwing! :butterfly:


I wonder if the new butterflies will be available for custom designs like the xt and proyo



Oh my, I’m apparently a 4 year old…


Revive the Duncan rainbow design from the euro butterfly.


That’s awesome, I’ve never seen that before


I might be a bit biased, but the euro butterflies are where it’s at. I don’t think it has any chance of happening now since the Downtown Disney Duncan kiosk closed, but a Donald Duck butterfly would’ve been high on my list of designs to revive haha.


Love this design.


I think you might be right. That Rainbow one is sharp as hell


Would support a Drew Tetz model, also would love an Unknown edition Butterfly.


The elusive Rainbow European molded Butterflys, I just want to see all of the colors


This is a beautiful design as well. Similar to @mable’s.


I’d love to see a Kyle Nations edition too


I’d like to see player editions. Drew would be first on my list.


My Butterfly collection. My sister just picked up some of the new Pink Target Butterflies for me, haven’t gotten them from her yet though.

What is interesting is how varied the vintage plastic Butterflies are. The original psychedelic has a SUPER wide gap, you need a bind return, or triple wrap. Others have super tight gaps that I have to use Type 2 or Type 4 string on. The Mariposa was given to me by Bryan Figueroa, I’d been watching them on eBay for some time, just never pulled the trigger on one. The solid orange I got from Augie before he left Duncan, another one I had a long search for.

The teal sparkle on the top row, and the blue sparkle on the bottom row were gifts from a good friend. The teal is an Expert Award. Duncan used to advertise yo-yo contests in neighborhoods in the 50’s and 60’s, then come through and run them. He won the Expert Award that way, he thought it was late 50’s. The blue sparkle was a standard model of his, late 50’s early 60’s, really small gap on that one.

The gold sparkle, orange and the blue/orange half swap are my best playing Butterflies. I’ve owned way more than this, but as the sparkle versions became rarer I traded them to friends that wanted them, and when I rejoined the online community in 2014 I traded a large part of my vintage Duncan collection for modern unresponsive yoyos. I think Dano has a large part of my Duncan collection. I kept these to have an example from all the era’s of the Butterfly.

An original Glow in the Dark Butterfly is my last unicorn, if anyone has one they’d trade, please send me a PM.


@AaronW Do you have any more info on this one?

I grew up in Wichita, KS and am super curious about it.


My friend, that the Expert award came from, became friends with Don Duncan Sr. and then later with Don Jr. He said Don Jr gave that one to him on one of his visits to the Duncan offices. It was a Promotional yoyo from what I’ve been told. Something Flambeau would bring to trade shows and give away, almost like a fancy business card.

Maybe @bjardin has more info about Duncan and Wichita, KS?


Awesome, thanks for sharing! - Is there a particular throwback or new edition that you would like to see @AaronW?

Let’s get an edition with wood caps and a wood axle :grin:


A take-apart butterfly with the wooden axle sleeve design of the Proyo :flushed:

I’d actually love to see that, the Pro-fly is an underappreciated Duncan classic.


I just got 3 of the new mold Butterflies, haven’t gotten them from my sister yet. Also will pick up a new psychedelic.

I’d love to see an Unknown edition as well as player editions (Tetz, Kyle). Would also be cool to see more materials like a delrin version and a swirl transitional like FH1’s.