Anyone else enjoy the Duncan Butterfly?

I mean, for fixed axle specific play? I think it behaves quite well for stalls and fixed type tricks, and I don’t have to worry about chipping nice wood if I’m out and about where I’d share if others were interested. I think it’s absolutely worth having in the collection given the price.


But it is my most consistent yoyo.

In the sense that I never liked it. And years later I didn’t like it. And as of today I still don’t like it.

If I was standing outside of a burning barn; I would throw two yoyos into the fire: the Duncan Butterfly and that Dollar tree yoyo. You know; the junk yoyo that was famous for 3 days. Lol

The best thing about the Duncan Butterfly was how well it compelled people to at least attempt to make a better yoyo🤔

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I do. My main complaint about the Butterfly is its weight. I find it a bit light. However, the Butterfly was my first yoyo, and what led me to discover modern yoyo a couple of years ago. I will always have a soft spot for the Butterfly, and, probably always have one to give away if someone sees me throwing fixed.

Regarding chipping wood, I’m surprisingly relaxed about my wood yoyos. I’ve smacked all of them against the sidewalks in town while out and about (usually when the kids are battling Pokémon Go gyms). I think like leather, wood looks best with some patina (or battle scar, or, for those who want to be blunt, damage).

I enjoyed it way back when but for fixed axle play, I honestly don’t find them to be my cup of tea. I tried but everything feels just way too slippy for me. The one I have, the gap is just way too wide to really do anything with it. I prefer wood for fixed axle play, currently own a TMBR Baldwin and a No Jive Ed Haponik edition.

Naaaaaah I never really liked it because it’s too light. I guess I could pop off those side caps somehow and put in a weight ring or something.

I guess I’ve been fortunate with mine. They’ve all been the exact opposite of slippy. I guess I should mention that my fixed axle play is stall-heavy. I’m not trying to replicate unresponsive play on a fixed, so sleep time means next to nothing to me, and I can deal with the weight just fine. I could see that if that’s your thing it would be an issue. A lot of wood that I have is less predictable than the Duncans. I love my no jive and eh but I’ve never been able to mesh with any of the TMBRs I’ve had. Maybe it’s the nostalgia…

I’m with the 'Doc on this one. I like the shape, but never how it played.

I enjoy it tremendously as long as I get one where the gap is just right. Drew Tetz seems to swear by them.

Actually, the caps come off rather easily. They are just a press fit and pry off, at least on the ones I have. Look for a small hole on the edge to put a small screw driver tip in.

They are great for fixies.

Wooden yoyos look and feel better however, and a chipped wood can be easily repaired with a little superglue and sanding, as long as it didn’t break into two huge pieces.

Love the Butterfly. I’ve got a decent collection of them. My favorites are a (very) limited solid orange, a blue glitter and a 1960’s Butterfly.

If you can get a hold of the older ones they weigh quite a bit more, for those of you that think the new ones are too light. Also you can use poly string on them, which is a nice change up from cotton on wood fixies.


Way back in the late 50’s and early 60’s I had a Imperial, a Mardi Gras and THE BUTTEFLY (wood of course) and it was by far my favorite yoyo. The Butterfly is still my favorite yoyo and makes up a large part of my collection. I have 3 of the 50’s wood with wood axle model. I have to admit, however, that throws from TMBR and Ton Kuhn at a bit heavier and sometimes easier to throw.
But YES! I enjoy the Duncan Butterfly.

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I started using a blue Butterfly when I started to get into yoyoing as a relaxing hobby. I swap out the string for 100% poly works just fine for up and down plus the minor sleeping.

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I loved it when I was 7. Can’t stand it now.

I will occasionally throw it just to remember what it was like to play yoyo decades ago. But Yoyos are so much better today that I don’t feel the need to play with a yoyo which is as bad as a modern butterfly.

Take it easy with the “B” word there big homie. Different strokes for different folks

It is interesting how different each Butterfly release one form another. The original wood is very light and has a narrower gap. The last couple of releases, including the current one, are light and have an ok gap. The sixties releases were heavier, have a wider gap and to me, are more fun to play.

There’s one on my radio in the living room. Just saying.

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There’s one in a junk drawer in my garage. To each their own, I suppose.

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Butterflies vary from one to another more than you might think.


They sure do! My favorites however are the sparkle Butterflies, all of them that I’ve played have been great. Have 3 myself, and the feel of each of them is slightly different also.

Another funny thing, I had a new trans blue butterfly, and it played terrible! Super unresponsive, even with Kitty XL strings. Then I got a trans orange, it played ok. Got bored one day and took them both apart and made 2 half blue/half orange butterflies and they played amazing! Not sure what happened, but it’s probably my most played butterfly now.