2022 wyyc

 No the title was not a typo! What do you thing the 2022 world yo-yo contest will look like? How do you think the throws players use will change? Will there be different tricks? A new division, 6a? I'm not talking about the year 2022 in particular, but just about a decade into the future. IMO, I have no idea what it will look like! For all I know they could be looping with 3 yo-yos instead of 2 by then! So what do you think?


I don’t know if yoyo will even be around…


I hope it is!


If any new devisions pop up they would probably be 4 yoyos, 2 in each hand…


We already have 6a, not as a competition field but it’s there. I think we have from 0a to 12a? Correct me if I’m wrong. As far as contests hopefully we will still have the fan base to have a competition. I think horizontal will be its own division by then. Smaller companies will have risen up and have a solid foundation and consumer line.

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Yeah 6a=Möbius.

I hope In 2022, there will be more good CLYW type companies, and maybe there will be more 6a players


deadly spins kinda gives me the CLYW vibe.


I really don’t think it will change too much. A lot of the smaller companies will fade out. We might have new types of metal we use to yo-yo … like anti scratch or something. Designs might be more extreme, I don’t think the divisions will go anywhere. I can’t imagine someone playing with four yo-yos or even three. (ok saw a youtube video, but i don’t think everyone will be doing this in 10 years) There might be yo-yos that spin forever and ever … maybe motorized (i have seen some on youtube) Other than that 10 years is not a long time … i mean if you look at worlds in 2002 … the main things that changed are tricks… and yo-yos … materials that are used to create yoyo and designs/innovation. Maybe someone will come up with some revolutionary ideas but its really hard to tell.

Tricks will definitely change though. We will never see the end of creativity … which is why i love Yo-yos.


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Nah man everybody will move into spintops or Diabolos. Diaboloing is where it’s at.


Bam, doubles 3a!


i knew there was a video out there with someone doing this … but its already done … not sure if it will be a division though … but awesome either way lol


Oh my…


it’s been around for hundreds, possibly thousands of years, yoyos won’t be around anymore when mankind is not around anymore

in 2022, yoyoing will be a mainstream sport for few years already, WYYC 2022 will be broadcast live on television (or whatever we’ll have by then), I’d say we may make the olympics by 2100, probably before that.

The sport angle is the right angle IMO to go mainstream, even tho I’m more of an “art angle” person myself.

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Don’t you DARE question the longetivity of yo-yoing! Why are you on here???


I can’t even plan 2 weeks from now. I sure ain’t gonna sweat 10 years into the future.


2022 will not have a world yoyo contest. it will have moved up to “universal” the champions from all the planets will compete for the ultimate title, and instead of those stupid YT comments that say “skill level= asian” it will be "skill level= neptunian.



I enjoy yoyo as much as you, but, isn’t it possible it won’t be here? I said I’m not sure if it will be around, not that I’m positive it’ll die within the next few years. I’m on here to talk about yoyos in the now.

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True, but they could be holograpic ones, and we don’t know if maybe everyone will forget the real touch of a yo-yo unless they keep the ones we have today. But let this be known, my kids will learn how to throw( if I ever have kids)