Where would you like to see yoyoing in the future?

Title says it all really

I think on the moon, 1/6 of the Earth’s gravity coupled with absolutely zero air resistance would definitely change up advanced string tricks…



Double dragon in every contest. X-division in no contests.

I want to see yo-yoing in my future, and I do. Everything else is just extra goodness.

Female 1A World Champion. Don’t really know why, I just think it’d be epic. ;D

That or Vashek. Vashek for Worlds '15! waves flag

As a UK gentleman, I’d just love to see the hobby grow and grow. I’ve never experienced the feeling of seeing brands like YYF in local toystores or walking past other people yoyoing on the street, but I’d love it to get to that point some day.

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I have only seen Yomega and Duncan in toy stores nowadays. I have only seen a YYF Velocity and that was it. I would like to see yoyo brands expand more into toy stores.

I’m assuming Gambit meant general 1A as opposed to a Women’s only division.

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I’d like to see a tournament format that incorporates pauses in the action so that commentators have time to clue in the home audience on the difficulty of what’s about to take place.

I’d imagine something like Spelling Bee matches where randomized sequences of a given difficulty level are presented to each competitor to “not screw up” in order to stay in.

Or perhaps a round-robin HORSE Challenge, so you get some head-to-head competition pressure from the commentary. Perhaps even involve style points in some way, since it’s so individual-oriented.

In the end anything that involves stops and starts will allow commentors to keep the home audience from falling behind the way that today’s talent-show format does to the uninformed general public.

TL;DR: Competition Commentary = Customer Education.

And sorry, my potato/computer couldn’t play the video of SB & co’s commentary during World’s, so I dont’t know how that worked out.

I want to see tricks as awesome or even better than what Paul Kerbel and Gentry Stein does.

Yoyos that can change color at your command

TX States.

I am in the US and I’ve never had those feelings either. The part of the country I live in doesn’t have a lot of throwers.

I’ve only heard about 2 big walk-in yoyo stores that take things seriously in America; (EDIT: I’ve been told I can’t name competing stores. Sorry) both on opposite sides of the country. They’re great learning experiences, and amazing ways to learn tricks and meet new people. They also teach people that it’s not about the hype (I picked the Shu-Ta over an Avalanche because I preferred how it played, not because one’s by a hyped company)

I wish there were more of these. They’re great for the community, and are great places for people to learn about the culture.

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Yoyos in space, at least!  ;D

Olympic sport. Because it could actually be that (with the different countries and teams and so on). If we got more people into it - it would last long enough to be an Olympic Sport.

Is really like to see color way and design go through the roof… Really crazy stuff like bist mods… And competition grade wood

Is that a DNA? That’s awesome!

In the future I could see us as grandparents talking to our grandchildren:

"You lucky kids these days with your fancy shmancy yo-yos. In my day, all we had were YYR Draupnirs and Dazzlers.

I said that in a different thread awhile back but I don’t think people saw.

I think I’ve thought that before. I wish I could see that.

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