Where would you like to see yoyoing in the future?

I’ve been told that twice ^^

There are quite a few more than 2 walk-in yoyo stores in America.

Yea. Airtraffic Kites and Games is another one. They don’t just sell yoyo’s they sell other stuff to but they do host a yoyo club every week. And they have like 6 different locations throughout MN.

I would like to be a better yoyoer in the future.

Bring back the true X-division so styles like Moebius, Double Dragon, Double Dice and other alt/sub styles can truly shine.

Also: Don’t tell me “Well you can do that in AP”. Ap is about making an artistic performance. Thats not want we want.


This is a good idea.

That would be great. Maybe even get all of them as separate divisions

Now we’re talking.

ied like to see more hands on teaching, more clubs and camps, just to be able to pass it on more thoroughly. The internet is great, but physical awareness and learning from some great throwers, will flourish the sport more to the next generation. plus it would be a even better way to strengthen the community.

I’ve really been meaning to get around to a few of those yoyo club meet-ups. The Rochester store is like 5 minutes from my house.