Who is going to the World Cup in Brazil next Summer? I am not going, but I will be “couch-potatoing” to watch the games.

My teams are:
United States (I live here)
Croatia (my family originates from here)
Spain (good team)
Germany (good team)

What about you guys?

What are your predictions?

Not going, but I wish I was!

My country is not in the world cup so I just go for some good teams

My teams are:

  1. Brazil
  2. England
  3. Italy

Brazil FTW ;D

I would love to go, but unfortunately I cannot. Maybe next World Cup.

Who I route for?


Who will win this year? Based on the new players I’ve been seeing, Spain or Argentina.

I can see spain being a deadly team since they have the best players of La Liga and having the best goal keeper IMO, but anything can happen :wink:

Oh yeah. There mid field is the best in the world. The Argentina attack of Di Maria, tevez, and messi? It’s going to be good this year.

Also Neymar is amazing this season, so watch out for Brazil :wink:

My team is Portugal <3

If they get kicked out which will most likely happen since Ronaldo can’t do everything I’ll be routing for Brazil. But IMHO Spain’s going to win back to back World Cups.

no way im croatian too! Im going for them as well along with germany and usa what part of croatia is your family from?

Spain’s midfield and Argentina’s forwards are absolutely loaded (Argentina also has Aguero, who is probably their best attacker after Messi, and Higuain in addition to those TTTYo mentioned). Those two look like the favourites, with Germany and Brazil right behind. Spain has also added some striker talent since they won Euros. When Villa was out with injury, they played sometimes with six midfielders, but now they have more depth with improvement from Pedro, Negredo, and a few others. Argentina has an advantage of playing on their home continent, though.

South America in general looks really strong right now. All of the teams they qualified could make a run in the tournament. Colombia has especially looked good. I think aside from the four biggest favourites, Colombia and Belgium might be the teams to watch.

Spain has amazing attackers, but that midfield. Jeeze.

Brazil is always the most fun to watch. Hulk is great, Julio Cesar is a champ, and kaka is my favorite player. With it being at there home, we might see a victory this year.

Germany always impresses me, and also England. Britain was better a few years ago, but I am not going to count then out yet.

Portugal? Ehh that striker cries too much :p. And I am a Real Madrid fan by the way;)

I love soccer if you can’t tell…

Which is your country?

That’s awesome. Never met any other person from there. Unfortunately, I have never been there myself, but my family originates from there (from my Great-Grandfather and onward). My grandfather is actually an American, but was born an Italian. After him, everyone has been American.

Actually, my family has a very interesting story. If anybody would like to here it, PM me or reply.

ohhh I’ve been there twice I’m 2nd gen Croatian my grandpa was born in a part of Italy that is now is part of Croatia he speaks both my mom speaks Croatian and german ( shes also first gen german her mom is from there ) and i speak only german my mom says i have no use for Croatian but i have met a lot of relatives from there its truly a beautiful country theres a huge area by me thats mostly Croatians

I’m rooting for the USA and Italy. I think Italy has a shot if Pirlo and his beard can distribute the way he did in the Euros and Balotelli plays sane.

Yes Italy looked pretty good in the Eurocup not so long ago and I hope Balloteli doesn’t cry this time it breaks my heart :frowning: and I would like to see them win again like in 2006.

El Salvador, we have been in the World Cup 2 times and last time we were we got beat 10-1 by Hungary but it’s all good haha

Well… I imagine they will make it within the next 2 world cups. They are actually an underrated team that plays with better teams like the US, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Honduras.

Just watched the World Cup group draw. There are a couple really tough groups–B looks like the worst, and D is pretty tough as well. Group E looks like the weakest–France has to love that draw. Ecuador is probably the weakest South American team in the tournament, but that group also gives them a decent chance to advance.

Brazil and Argentina got pretty good draws as well. Spain is in the group of death and Germany has a fairly strong group.

I just saw them too. I think Spain and Brazil are definitely the winner of their group because of their skill level. Also, USA might have a tough time with Germany but then again you never know. And no!! England and Italy are in the same group :frowning: lol

Man Mexico got Brazil in first round group. OUCH! they might even be opening game since host get the first game and Mex is last in group.

it gonna be tough

Brazil v Croatia is the opening match. Mexico opens against Cameroon. I think that is actually a pretty good draw for Mexico. Brazil will be tough to beat, but they only need to finish second in the group to advance. Having to beat out Croatia and Cameroon gives them a better chance of advancing to the knockout round than most of the other groups would have.

I’m not much of a soccer fan but I’ve decided to watch has much of the World Cup as I can.