1A moving heavy spin loss?


Hi, i’ve been learning beginner tricks for the past month using my YoyoFactory ONE (Responsive) and i’ve encountered a decently big issue.
When i do a normal throw and let the yoyo sleep standing still, i can get 40s+ sleep time with no problem. When however i make my yoyo swing back and forth, spin is reduced dramatically, getting at most 5s of sleep time before i lose all my spin. This is giving me a lot of problems while doing anything that is not a basic mount.
As long as the Yoyo is standing still i do not lose spin, even on mounts. As soon as i move it around i lose most of the spin in a short time. This makes almost every trick extremely hard to do as i have to be really quick else the yoyo won’t have enought spin to return back up after the trick.

Unfortunately i only own a One, and i can’t try with other yoyos to check if the problem is my posture… However i don’t feel nor see the string come in contact with the sides of the yoyo, and when doing a standard throw this shouldn’t be a problem anyway.

Thanks for any assistance in advance.

(Rock Shouse) #2

Very good question at a critical time too! Sounds like most responsive players come to this same point…
My answer would be to learn to bind…with your skills that should not be a problem for you… Then get a unresponsive Yoyo and the problem solved my friend. :wink:


So it’s a well known issue for responsive yoyos. I was already thinking on upgrading my yoyo and switching to unresponsive, so i’ll definitely try that out.

So now the problem is realizing what yoyo i want to buy. I suppose i’ll spend some time in the store and get something decent. I’ll probably get a metal yoyo, with ~50€ budget.


EDIT: I’ve decided to go for the Yoyo Factory’s Cypher. I’m not looking for a competitive throw, but rather something easy to use and comfortable. Also getting some thin lube and new strings to match the Cypher’s color. Now, if only shipping to Italy wouldn’t take 4 weeks, that would be great >.<


Try cleaning the bearing. That may help a bit.

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Try to pick up the SK yoyo made by One Drop and SF.

It is unresponsive and $44, honestly by far the BEST yoyo for that price. One Drop should be getting more in their online store very soon.
Not sure how long shipping to Italy would be, but that yoyo is amazing at only $44.

Of course, this is only my opinion.


So, quick update.

Instead of cleaning the bearing, i already had another one (that they shipped me when i got the One, for free), so i decided to change it directly…
Upon closer inspection, the “spare” bearing i had is a center track bearing. So… i placed it on the One (no lube yet…), closed the yoyo, put a new string on.
And the One is now kinda unresponsive.

The moment i did my first throw i immediately felt the difference. Moving the yoyo doesn’t cut my spin short, and i’ve been able to perform most of the tricks i know without spin issues.
After pinning down both a basic front and side bind, i can say i’m extremely satisfied by unresponsive 1A.

I’ll most likely buy a 1A unresponsive throw anyway, the One is kinda narrow as it was made for both string and looping tricks. I want to move into a more specialistic string trick yoyo. And i need to get Lube anyway (That in italy you cannot find anywhere), so an online order is pretty much a must.

Thanks everyone! Problem is solved and i can continue to throw and learn :smiley:

EDIT: I’ve been investigating why changing a bearing turned my yoyo unresponsive.
I compared the new bearing with the old one and i realized that the old ball bearing was half the width of the new center track one. This means that the string will have to spin around the bearing more times to engage the response mechanism, making the yoyo feel (and more or less act) unresponsive. I’m no expert though, if someone could confirm this i would really appreciate it.