Arrggg.... Looking for advise please.

I’m learning horizontal spins, and making solid progress. One thing that was quickly apparent was various Yoyos were easier (or more difficult) than others.

To make the learning experience as easy as possible (and cheat a little bit, heh heh heh) I picked up a C3 M.O.V.E.

Now… I love the look, feel, spin of the yoyo. It plays (as I’d expect) unresponsive and is easy to pop up into an Horiz.-spin.

However… it is slightly responsive. As soon as as it’s spinning on my finger and I’m raising it up to eye level it prematurely binds and shoots over to my TH. I’ve tried throwing in both directions with the same result. It’s driving me mad because the only reason I purchased this Yoyo was because it’s ideal for this trick. Arrggg… My Shutter and Rave don’t do this…

Help please! Any and all advise is very welcome.

Is there a way I could make a Yoyo slightly less responsive? I know over-lubing the bearing can make it more responsive… is there an action I can take to make it less responsive? Or will this behavior “wear off” at some point as the Yoyo gets used?

take out your your response pads and it’ll be unresponsive as heck XD
seriously, try wearing out your response pads as fast as possible

Oh… or sand them down a little bit perhaps…

Just give it some time for the response pads to wear in. Also, cleaning the bearing may help.

I’ve only had one C3 throw and that was a little while back, so I don’t know if their bearings come lubed or not, but that would be my guess for some random responsiveness. I’d assume the bearing needs to be further broken in or cleaned.

Clean the bearing and use very little or no lube, keep the string from being too loose when doing the trick.

Thank you very much for the advise to focus on the bearing.
I haven’t had the time to pop the side-shield and clean the stock bearing, but I have a few spare center track bearings in my kit here.

I popped in a new center track bearing and now the Yoyo behaves perfectly.
I’ll clean the stock (center-track) bearing and eventually work it back into circulation.

Yay! Thanks!

I’ve found that the bearing condition affects response way more than any other factor in most yoyos. Response problems - clean the bearing as a first step.