Yoyo really responsive-not bearing?

Hey everyone,

Fairly new to yoyoing but I’ve been doing it everyday since I got my first one a month ago or so. I recently got a c3 halo and after a few throws it got really responsive. I changed out the bearing twice and it’s still really responsive. I took the original bearing (which I thought was the problem originally) but it plays fine on another yoyo. So I’m now pretty sure it’s not the bearing. Can anyone help or have had this happen to them?

Thanks a lot

P.S. by really responsive I mean i can not give it any slack. If I do it binds by itself. So essentially no hops can be done nor any suicides. :frowning:

Yoyo really responsive, most likely not bearing, help?

Try cleaning the bearing anyways. Can’t hurt. Then inspect the bearing seat.

C3 pads tend to be a bit grippier than most but they do seem to last quite a bit longer too. Try using a thinner string until the pads wear down a bit.


For responsiveness, if it’s not the bearing, check the bearing seat. if it’s neither the bearing nor the bearing seat, it’s most likely the response. Fresh pads/sili tend to be responsive until they’re broken in, much like lubed bearing. Just play with it a bit and it should fix the problem.

Are you sure the bearing seat/post or anything holding the bearing is not wacked? There is probably a chunk of aluminum grinding the bearing. Try putting the bearing in each side and flick it with your hands, see if it spins properly.