Yoyo too responsive...help

Hey guys, I am just getting back into yoyoing after 3 years and I have a sturm panzer Schneider mk2 laying around.
I started throwing and all I keep getting is the yoyo snapping back into my hands and being too responsive. This is after I put new response and a new string in…could it be that I see the response sticking out a bit?
Any help is appreciated! Cant wait to start throwing again!


the bearing could be rusted or just bad but I think your right about the pads but check the bearing just to be safe if its the bearing you’ll need to replace it. I recommend the center trick type X


Probably the bearing. Try to clean it. If cleaning the bearing does not work you’ll have to buy a new one:)


Also clean around the bearing seat, the place where the bearing sits with a q-tip and alcohol. If gummy, use a toothpick first.

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The Schneider MK-II uses a D-sized bearing, so those center tracs won’t work.

@Zeridon you might just need to wear down the pads a bit. Some new pads are really grippy. Also inspect them to see that they’re pressed in all the way.