Zipline CS121 (Airetic) - who's tried them?

Sold out before I could order. How are they?

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Mine come in today, Ill check back in later lol


Probably still shipping. Unless @jeremypark going to give the same pitch;

Airetic Strings on Instagram: "Hey there Nylon string fans! It has been a while since we talked. How are you holding up? We’ve been doing pretty well. Life has been good to the Airetic family. We hope the same has been true for you! You’re probably wondering why we are here, after having stopped production almost 3 years ago. Well, after much deliberation and soul searching, we decided that we did not want what we learned and provided to the community to die with our string rig. We still truly believe that the yoyo community has a genuine need and want for pure nylon strings. In order to keep the legacy alive, we reached out to our good friends @ziplinestrings to carry the torch, in a way that only they can. We’ve been working with them for the last several months to put together something incredibly special. Using authentic Airetic thread stock and our “Standards” thread count, combined with ZipLine’s 2-stage/Smoothie Edition twist method, AND utilizing a hybrid string making technique comprised of many shared secrets, we believe that they are developing the best pure Nylon strings available. Tonight at 6pm on their website, they will be dropping a small amount of their new creation. Don’t miss out! This is history in the making! Much love and many thanks to Zipline for embracing and carrying on the Airetic Legacy. We trust that they will continue to create the best products out there, and take care of our former fans and friends as if they were their own. Take care, all. We love and miss you guys!"

Yea, I was hoping to snag some as well.

Hopefully they get a restock in soon!

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I’m pretty sure it was 10am EST when I saw they were sold out. Oh well.

NBD, they’ll make more. “Shared secrets” got me interested. Maybe there will finally be a nylon that won’t be so sensitive to my lazy torsion management.

very sweet soul is going to send one for me to review, so i’ll find out soon :smiling_face:

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Okay, have an update! Did a quick 30 min sesh. These are fantastic lol I wasnt around a few years back so idk what the og airetics were like but I like this string ALOT lol as a reference executive blend is my current favorite. Im gonna mess around with this string for the rest of the week but Id be shocked if people got them and didnt like them :call_me_hand:t2:

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