Zip zop


As anyone seen that zip zop clyw color way on the new puffins? It looks amazing, very close the bbb!


Looks pretty cool :slight_smile: they should mix nebula and zip zop. That would be awesome.


Pics or it didn’t happen.




I posted the colorway last week on the MFG thread…  It is pretty sick…


He’s saying show a picture to prove it or we won’t believe it/never happenened, it’s a joke thing.


Thanks for that link. It is indeed a pretty sweet colourway!


Yes it is. It has my fav colors in it too… I think that may move ahead of Hulk Smash as my favorite colorway from CLYW.


i forgot who, but some guy said ZIP ZOP!!! on instagram and tagged Jensen in it so he would see it. and they didnt have a name for it yet, and Jensen liked the name Zip Zop, so the name stuck


never thought that would happen :wink:


Purple and green confetti-type splatters on brilliant white would be nice, too. :wink:


I agree with that too… For some reason I always liked black though and purple and green on black works… But on a white or clear background it would pop!!

(Jerrod) #13



hair band looks awesome. Looks like northern lights with pink splash.


Oh I like those to!

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i bought the earth spins right from chris this week