Show off your "Hulk Smash" and or Purple/Green throws.


Like the thread says… I can’t be the only one who is crazy about this color combo. Let’s see them guys/gals… I will start with a few nice pics…


They look so awesome that I have as many pictures of his throws, as I have of my own. He sent me these in the past:

The collection is sick!!
This is his Wrath spinning:

I got this one yesterday, after he added the Wrath:


Only ever needed/wanted one. The original Wooly Marmot.


^^ That’s awesome man!! If you ever want to sell that thing let me know!!


Wooly Marmot looks great, it would look awesome in your collection. I found another of your pics:


You best watchout TA people are going to think there is something going on between us :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, I know. ;D But who can resist that collection???


really need to start cleaning my yoyos before taking pics


^ Wow, that’s a nice one!! Picture looks great!


A nice photo of the YFactor:


I’m getting a Hulk Smash Peak for Christmas, when I get it ill post pictures here!


^^ Can’t wait to see the Peak!!! Here is an update with a few new additions!!


^ Very cool photo update. I’m sure you’re extra careful stacking those up. We’ll try to make this the prettiest thread ever. I found this on theglasslab blog. Best credit I can give that I found:


It’s not Hulk Smash, but my Arctic Circle does have Purple/Green on it


I typically don’t collect colorways, and Hulk Smash is not my thing, but I realize that I have a thing for purple and green. ;D


^^ Very nice indeed. I had that same DANG colorway as well!!!


Jason Wong gave me permission to post his work. This is a beauty:

(2Sick Joey) #18

I use to own that!


Wow, was it made to your custom specifications on the ano’, or was it done and traded to you at a later time? Any idea who owns it now?

(2Sick Joey) #20

Umm no I got it in a trade. I thing Liz Fung got it commissioned