Show off your "Hulk Smash" and or Purple/Green throws.


Yup, I did the Punchline as a commissioned job for Liz. She told me her favorite colors were purple and green, then I took it from there. It was one of my first anodizing jobs. :slight_smile:



Nice Jason!!! And here is your first Rainbowflage!!! Still the best Ti job I have EVER seen!!!


Vendetta’s work I believe, 54 Orange Peel:

Oh, and mgiroux77, nice signature, it’s so…YOU. :slight_smile:


Even after all the Ti I have anodized, that particular Sovereign is among the best of them. I dunno why, but yours came out really bold. :slight_smile:


Here are a couple cascades to look at… Love this pic!!! Many memories with BOTH these throws!!!


^ Wow, I forgot about that pic with the Cascade halves swapped…cool pic, glad you saved it.


Video update…

Yes…  I know it’s called a “green haze” but you know purple haze sounds ohh so much better!!


Nice video. You should do more of them. For the fans of YoyoFactory, ;D Genesis and Supernova:


That Jon Rob Supernova is one of the prettiest green/purple colorways i’ve ever seen. Still kicking myself that i didn’t pick one up when that other yoyo store was blowing them out for $80 earlier in the year.


Nice selections guys!!! Keep them coming!!! What will they think of next??? Got to love CLYW.


I agree. There’s something about that particular shade of green that is so appealing, contrasted with that exact shade of purple. It looks great. It would be nice to snag that one on the BST haha.


Wow, very nice yomagic…love the CLYW. Make sure you guys post here first if you want to sell your purple and green throws haha. Mgiroux77 might want dibs on them :smiley:


Okay, a new one is coming out tonight, CLYW Cliff in Hulk Smash fade:

It looks sick spinning too:


One of my favorite Hulk Smash’s.


You guys are killing me!!! Now I really want it!!!


Are you getting one?


Thinking about it…


Well, my philosophy is to never think first…just buy :smiley: Well, I don’t own any purple/green throws, but hanging out in the thread, it grew on me a bit. The colors will never be as dear to me as my Raw silver, gold, black and blues, or even the YYE Edition colorway… but it is catchy, no doubt. I bought the Cliff and went with the Hulk Smash fade. Posting that pic up in here yesterday sold me on that color. I’m trying something different this time around. I’ll post when I get it.


Arcticle Circle Hulk Smash is available now on YYE for those who missed it:


Unlimited amounts of WANT.