Picking a puffin


I have decided to buy the new clyw puffin my problem is there are three colors i want earth spin blizzard,hulk smash,and icy purple look them up and tell me what you think


Out of those, icy purple is my favourite. Plus it’s $10 cheaper.
But we can’t really decide for you, colourway is entirely your preference.


If I had to pick from those 3 DEFINITELY HULK SMASH. That’s just me though


Well if we are having a community vote I would say the icy purple, because I think it looks awesome


I’m with mordo, Hulk Smash all the way…


I say just close your eyes and pick one and then be ready to want the other 2 later. These colorways , especially when spinning are so beautiful. I don’t just want every color , I want 2 of every color because I want to see how different patterns of the same colorway look while spinning. I have probably spent like a whole hour total this past week just watching the yoyo spin in the light.


All of these colorways are quite nice, so you can’t really go wrong. Just choose the one you like the most, but if you still need my opinion, I would go for Hulk Smash, which looks even better in person.


I LOVE Hulk Smash, but I would probably go for the Icy Purple. It’s a great colorway. On top of that, you’ll always have a chance to get another throw in the Hulk Smash colorway, but there is no saying if we will ever see the Icy Purple again.

Btw, the Puffin is a fantastic choice! :wink:


I’d go with earth spin blizzard, 2nd is icy purple, I dont like hulk smash…