Vote on your fav Puffin 2 color way!


So which color way do you like best?


Lol, fastest first vote ever…who voted and you literally voted within 3 seconds of me publishing.


solid pink is gonna really pop and the other pink ones are just any ol’ splash.
If I had to pick a second favorite, the fire blizzard is sick too.


Torn between northern lights nebula ;D


Delirium and northern for me, looks like with the popularity of northern del will be my backup. Unless they all just sell out right away. Any guessers as to how fast they will go?


Im guessing in the first few minutes Maybe 5


Whoa!? I hope not I am stuck here at work. Guess I’ll have to try on my ipad. I feel like it’s the mystery box debacle all over again! Lol :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah man!
CLYW always sells in a hurry :slight_smile:


Jack Rabbit, of course!

I was quick enough to snag one, too 8)

JR, Northern Lights, and Fire Blizzard sold out in less than 4 minutes haha.


Delerium Dive, and I just got one ;D ;D ;D


I got a Northern lights, and had an error on checkout, but it went through! ;D


My Internet always has to made me lose out on the jack rabbit and northern lights
but I still got a delirium dive ;D

(Cerulean) #13

I really liked the green apple, glad I was able to get one!


Just got electric bacon. Not for the color but the throw lol ;D

(Jerrod) #15



Hah. Anyone looking for one now… Electric bacon is your favorite color of Puffin 2, cause it’s the only one left!

Missed out on NL and JR and I logged on at 8:04… Snagged a Blizzard. I’m just happy I got one haha.


You savages are horrible! Lol I didn’t get any…not sure if I’m gonna get the bacon either…woof…I hate work. My ipad tethered to my 3G phone hotspot took like 5 min to load the page…they were all gone by then… I bet NL sold out in 30s


I was trying to decide between Northern Lights and Green Apple. I went with the Green Apple just because it’s the first time I’ve seen the colorway on any CLYW, and I think it looks pretty good.


It was on the 1st run Glacier Expresses. It does look pretty cool.

To everyone that got one, congrats! I have a 28 Stories edition, and it’s a beauty :wink:


I got an electric bacon…by choice even!