Favorite CLYW splash

I was wondering, is there a certain colorway that you try to get when you purchase a CLYW throw?
To me each colorway has a special meaning and should fit with the character of the yoyo.
There’s just something so satisfying about a good CLYW splash, it looks good, it feels good, and makes throwing more enjoyable. My personal favorite is the Red Blizzard. It was the colorway of my first CLYW, which happened to be a Cheif. (I sadly traded it, and regret it to this day :’( )
What colorway is special to you, and why?

what do you HATE about clyw splashes?

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I hate when they’re anos not messed up, I like fools golds! They’re cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:
My favorite splash that I own is my grey with blue splash ac, I also have a black with white speckle that I like because it looks great with the fools gold engraving.

I have a red with silver splash summit (available now from yye). I want anything in ashberry. Im hoping i can get a ashberry sasquach on the 19th if they release that colorway. i like jack rabbit and hulk smash also.

Unfortunately, I believe the 19th is only solids.

My favorite splash is the original 28 Stories, hands down.

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Ash Berry is definitely my favourite CLYW splash. I think the run of Ash Berry Summits were one of the best examples I have seen to date of the colourway.

That right there is an attractive yoyo. :slight_smile:



The only one I have is a Camp Caribou colorway, but I like almost all of them. I am planning on starting to collect more of these, but I will not be going for a single colorway. Like what you said, znin, each color fits with each yoyo in a certain way that just looks perfect.

I fell the same way I want each one of my CLYW throws to look different so thats why all he ones I own are different colors. CLYW makes so many great colors you really cant pick a “wrong” color for a yoyo they all look so amazing

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The light blue 28 stories

Next would be delirium dive, but for this one I like YYF’s rendering a bit more.

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lol yyf still makes it in a clyw thread…

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what colorway is this one?

Yea, just found that out. Kinda bummed about it. looks like i will be waiting a little longer. For the price they are i have no intrest in the solid color.

Wolverine. OG BvM is the best version, in my opinion:

(Left to right: Puffin, BvM, Wooly Marmot, Gnarwhal)

The colorway is one of my favorites as well. It’s called “Electric Circus”

Love it.


Great name too, so much going on.

I HATE how they’re so dang nice feeling. They keep emptying my wallet.

Robot vs. Ninja Moose has always intrigued me and so has the Grizzly Clown Town, but I think that color way is more of a dip than a splash.