New CLYW colorways.

I’ve noticed that CLYW colorways have started to change over the years, and much prefer the older colorways. When I got my 28s Wooly Marmot (older run), I was blown away by the red splatter on it. For some reason, the newer 28s is just tacky, in my opinion. CLYW said to pay homage to the original BVM, they were going to have a green splash on silver colorway. The OG BVM had a beautiful green splatter, that seemed to even look like it was more of a water color. It looked MUCH better than the new splash.

What do you think about the change in colorways?

seriously i think my my 28 Stories Cliff looks amazing? >:(

I think this looks much better.

I’m not saying your Cliff looks bad, but it would look better with the original 28s.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I think the original does look better but its not like its that big of a deal I would still buy the BvM Round2 not because the colorways but because its a great player (too bad I have only $13 ) and i think they 28S is that way because the shades of blue are way different

I think they need to do more solid colors. Im getting sick of straight splashes in every run. I want a few black, red, green, dual tone, bape, whatever. I think solid colors really show off the actual design of the yoyo rather than focusing the persons eye on the splash. Plus solids look sick. Im talking real solids too. They do gold and few other colors but not nearly enough IMHO. Only solids i like that they have made are in the fools gold runs. I want more solid non-fools gold CLYW’s!!!

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Oh my god I just imagined a solid Black BvM Round 2 with Neon Yellow or Pink String :o

Clyw has great color ways new and old, the new ones are the best IMO

I really hope that when they make the CLYW Plastic, that they atleast make it a translucent color, like the Chaser or Protostar, because I love the look of spinning translucent plastic glowing.

my opinion exactly and I hope the plastic is white or translucent

I agree with this. I am kind of sick of splashes because as cool as they are, the colors immediately blur once the yo is spinning anyways.

Chris just posted pics of ano’ed summits, they are SOLID!! And they look amazing!!

Keep in mind that the splash process is being performed by an individual person standing in front of a bunch of a yoyos flinging ink or rubber cement around. There’s no guarantee that the guy who did it four years ago is even still employed by the anodizer anymore, and if he is it’s unlikely that he’ll sling the ink around the same way he did four years ago. Also, anodizers change ink suppliers, batch size, ph levels, etc. There are just to many variables to expect the same results year after year.

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The OG 28s was done by a different ano company than Gruntbull, Pioneer.

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