Whats your favorite CLYW colorway?


Mine is either abominable snowman or goose bay.


28 stories. Looks amazing, but the 1st run 28s Peak was the best.




og peaks! or 28s


Why in the world did you link that? It hasn’t been posted in since August!?!? You sren’t supposed to  bring back posts after I believe 2 weeks
But i love the jack rabbit it’s amazing.


Yes, but that doesn’t apply to threads like this. If a BST thread hasn’t been active for months, why offer? But on a thread that’s just for fun and aren’t about immediate news, new posts are just as relevant.


Hulk smash!!!


Well, it kinda depends.

First, the 28 stories, that looks good to me, period. Any model, it looks good. My Wooly Marmot and Campfire uses that and it looks really nice.

I have a mixed halves Gnarwal, it’s a good player but ugly coming and going.

The Shark vs Shark on my BVM I kinda like.

My bassalope this acid wash thing going on.

My Avalanche is a Matterhorn colorway. While it’s in my opinion perfect for what it’s on.

My 2nd Run Peak is polished. I generally like this though. Simple, classic, shiny.

I gotta go with the 28 stories if I had to pick a colorway. Shiny base with the sparing splash over the top. Nice and not over-done. Ideally, I’d prefer them to do solid colors, but I like simple.

One thing about a lot of the CLYW colorways is that you really need to see them up close, in your hand still, thrown and spinning to really see it to make a really good decision one way or another. I really don’t care for most of the CLYW colorways, but since I went off BST, I kinda gotta choose from what’s being made available. I can’t say I’m displeased with any of the yoyos. My gnarwal, which I dislike the colorway the most, is the one I play the second most after the Avalanche, of the CLYW’s I use. I’m playing based on performance.


Wolf Lake, Smokey Lake.


bip bop chief


Ya me too I also love 28 stories but mostly the one for the wolly marmot