What are all of the CLYW throws in the 28 Stories Colorway?

So I’ve decided I’m going to try to get an entirely 28 Stories collection.

So far I have:

Comeback Ava

From what I know of, I need:
Sasquatch (should I get an old one and one from the new run?)
Puffin 1
Puffin 2
Glacier Express
BvM 1
BvM 2
Gnarwhal 2
Peak (Should I try to get a 1st run, second rune, or both? Would both make it more complete?)
OG Avalanche (Is it worth it since I have a Comeback?)
Wooly Marmot 1
Wooly Marmot 2
Spring Bassalope

Along with all of these, do you guys know of any that I am missing/forgetting?

Should I collect the other CLYW models(non 28 stories) in a different colorway? If so, what colorway? Other Manufacturers?

I’m really just looking to get some feedback.


pretty sure thats all of them. I would try and get something different every once in a while, buts that’s me. but i still love 28S the most ;D I even made a 28 stories wallpaper!

I’ve had other colors but it felt like my collection is too disjointed so I want to unify and that’s my favorite colorway so why not :slight_smile:

I really like that wallpaper, using it on my ipad now :slight_smile:

I realized I forgot the GE and the Chief so I’m going to add them!

I think some1 is selling a 28s peak 2nd on ebay

I was talking to him. He doesn’t want to come down much. He overpaid and doesn’t want to come down to where it should be priced.

Spring edition bassalope, not technically 28 stories but it looks about the same

I’ll have to add that I the list in a minute, thanks! :slight_smile: