28 stories collection

An update of my 28s collection!



I know the spring edition Bassalope only shares similar colours with 28 stories, but I think it should be in your collection ;D

Indeed! I am aware of this. Still looking for one!!!

Oh my goodness! This is beautiful! You are one lucky guy!

All the colors look so different!

Nice collection

Wow, nice collection!

that is impressive! thanks for sharing.

do you have all the 28 stories?!? You may be the only one if you do. I know Brett Grimes had them all of them at some point I’m not sure if he does anymore?

Not sure, but I dont see anyone posting pics of theirs so I assume I mightbe the only one. Unofficially I am stil missing a “28 stories” basalope (spring edition), which looks a lot like the 28 stories. That one would make it actually complete in my eyes :slight_smile:

That Battosai(?) seems lonely.

Because it’s not a CLYW :wink:


Amazing collection.

was there never a 28s canvas?

And it’s pretty amazing seeing how different the colourway varies by throw.

I have one for sale! Hit me up on facebook: Biser Lukich :slight_smile:

This deserves a bump. Reminds me of the YYE Edition and Hulk Smash threads. I wish it was in the same section, as it might have more visibility and attract more collectors of them. I figured people were collecting these, as I see 28 stories being one of the first to sell out. Interesting that for these, they are all by one company. With the YYE Editions, I get to buy from different brands, and they almost always look different too. Nice job collecting. Impressive!

The blue on the Puffin looks amazing. Takes me back to the 2009 28s Marmot and the 2nd run 28s Peak. The 28s models these days look nice but I really miss the deeper colors.

What an amazing collection! The deeper colors in the 28’s look awesome

Picked these 2 up for 60 bucks each at Canadian Nationals :slight_smile:

You’re one lucky duck! Nice pickups!