Most complete 28s CLYW collection for sale

Hey guys,
This is a big one. I am officially putting my entire 28stories CLYW collection up for sale. As you might know I currently have the biggest and most complete 28s collection in existence (featured on the CLYW blog some time ago). The collection as it is right now took me 7 years to complete. I don’t put a price on it at this point but I have some good indications about how much the whole lot is worth. The reason why I am selling is that we just bought a house and there is still a lot to take care of. I do this with pain in my heart…

A few things

  • All of these yoyos were kept in a safe closet during many years. From time to time I threw some of the gems but always above carpet etc…
  • All of the yoyos have their OG box except for the Spring edition Basalope (very much like a 28s colorway) and the 28s Battosai (not really a CLYW but it had the official colorway)
  • Only serious offer and reputable buyers please. This deal will have quite some money involved so please keep this in mind.
  • I will not sell the lot if I don’t think it gets the right offer.
  • You can always ask for individual and detailed pics of all the models if required.
  • Please contact me via PM for offers/negotiations/…, otherwise this thread will get very messy
  • The most secure shipping method will of course be applied. Shipping is from Belgium.
  • Payment will probably be via Paypal (please in mind buyer pays the fees) or bank transfer if you’re in Europe.
  • I collected a ton of feedback back in the days on YYN and facebook. Please ask for more of my references if needed.
  • If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me
    - As you might have guessed I won’t sell any of the yoyos individually.
  • The closet is not included in the deal.
  • Currently there are no other 28s models than those in my collection.
  • Most of the yoyos are 100% mint, although some models might have some minor damage (this info can be provided per model if required). Of course you can request detailed pics of the damage.

The collection
The collection includes (all 28s obviously, multiple of the same because of different runs/colorways/finishes for a complete collection)

  • 1st run peak
  • 2nd run peak
  • 1st run BVM
  • Canvas
  • Battosai
  • Summit
  • Sprind ed Basalope
  • Campfire
  • Wooly Marmot x3
  • Wooly Marmot 2
  • Chief x3
  • BVM2 x2
  • AC
  • AC2 x2
  • BVM 2nd run
  • Avalanche x3
  • Glacier Express
  • Sasquatch x3
  • Puffin 1
  • Puffin 2
  • Cliff
  • Orca
  • Bonfire
  • Gnarwhal x2
  • Borealis
    The complete collection is 36 pieces.

Kind regards,