Full 28s collection for sale (no individual sales, only sells as a whole)


Hey guys,

I am putting my full CLYW 28 stories collection up for sale for personal reasons. This includes all models and variants that were ever made by CLYW (also the recent ones as you can see in the renewed 28s colorway). The top pieces are obviously the 2 peaks, og BVM, Canvas, Basalope in spring colours, Campfire and a couple of Woolies. If we can come to an agreement we can discuss an aditional titanium peak to the offer (also not seperately for sale). Also included are a 28s battosai & summit. The entire lot (excl the TI peak) consists of 41 yoyos.

Only serious inquiries please. I have a price in mind but I am open for negotiation.

I repeat, no individual sales. That means that I won’t sell any seperate yoyo even if you offer like a mad man… The collection sells as a whole.

Of course I am willing to provide accurate condition (practically all are mint) and seperate pictures of all the models for serious buyers.

No problem to ship overseas and insured obviously.


CLYW 28s collection + TI Peak
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