Leftover gems of my CLYW 28s collection for sale!

Hey everyone,

I am selling my CLYW 28 stories collection which at one point was the largest in existence. I already sold a bunch but these are still looking for a new owner and home since I grew out of yoyoing a bit.

Most of them are in pristine condition but feel free to ask me for more detailed pictures and I will gladly send them to you. Please keep in mind that shipping to the States is around €15 (I am located in Belgium), so for both of us, multiple yoyos in 1 deal are more interesting since I give some good combo discounts and you save on shipping. I have a lot of experience shipping to all over the world and quite some people in the yoyo scene can vouch for me if needed.

From left to right
ROW1: Sasquatch 2014, Bvm2, Sasquatch 2010, Borealis, Chief (SOLD)
ROW2: Avalanche, Avalanche, Cliff (SOLD), Kodiak, Gnarwhal!
ROW3: Battosai, Summit (SOLD), Peak 2, Avalanche
BOTTOM: Ti Peak #29/140 (SOLD)

Feel free to offer what you think is a fair price and we’ll start from there. More detailed pictures upon request. I don’t bite and I’m sure we can come to a price point that we both agree on.

Warm regards,




Buy with confidence. Quick shipper and accurate description of the merchandise.

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Pm sent :slight_smile:

Update! Summit sold.
Feel free to PM me about what you feel is a fair price. I’m open for negotiations!

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