Selling Entire Collection!

Hey everyone,

I haven’t played in years and am currently cleaning out my room. I had previously kept my collection for sentimental value but now it is time to move on. Everything pictured is for sale please message for more details of a specific yoyo. All CLYW’s come with the original box. The only yoyo’s that have significant damage is the YYF DV888, nova, Phenom, and grey and orange specked CLYW Sasquatch. The Berry Arctic Circle and Green Chief were once part of Chris Mikulin’s personal collection.

1st row: Genesis, Clyw Bonfire, Catalyst, 888
2nd row: Chief, Hot, Spin dynamics smooth move, Sasquatch
3rd row: Sine Saw, Arctic Circle, wooly marmot, Summit,
4th row: Sasquatch, Equilateral, X3 Zeus, Superstar
5th row: Hex, Genesis, Shutter, Canvas
6th row: Too Hot (prototype), BBB Wm2, Burnside, Arctic Circle

CLYW Canvas
CLYW Silver Chief
CLYW Fire Chief
CLYW Lat 53 Chief (Mint)
CLYW Lat 53 Chief (non mint)
CLYW Green Chief
CLYW Red Wooly Marmot
Cafe racer blue
7075 ShuTa
CLYW Campfire
Zach Gormley Edition Wooly Marmot
Nickel Summit
Green and pink splash Summit
Grey Bip Bop Chief
Recrev Sine Saw


Second half of collection

1st row: Chief, Chief, Wooly marmot, Chief,
2nd row: Bear vs Man 2, Grey bip Bop Chief, cafe racer, Phenom,
3rd row: Summit, Avalanche, dv888, bassalope,
4th row: Supernova, Chief, G5, Shu-Ta
5th row: Gnarwhal, H5XChief, Nova, Popstar,
6th row: Sasquatch, cafe racer, campfire, DV888


Wow, pm’d

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I have all those Chief’s bar one!..

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Sweet collection! What have you been up to instead?

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pm incoming

PM’d as well, great stuff in here!

a red marmot?!



Pm about case

Trying to figure out how to pm, haha, new user here. Is that a Campfire I see or is it the Bonfire? Would love to speak to you about it, thanks so much. And thank you for this post as well!

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New users aren’t given the ability to PM right away. Read a couple more topics, Like some posts and then you’ll be granted the trust level that allows PMs.


Awesome got it, that’s what I figured. When I signed up I had saw that down at the bottom of the yoyobot notification i received. Just wanted to make sure I was not missing it somewhere, haha. Thank you again.

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Thanks Vinnie.

Honestly, I still pick up a yo-yo now and then and I still enjoy playing but work and my University studies take up the majority of my time these days.

Hey Griffin,

That is a red marmot :wink: