CLYW 28s collection + TI Peak

Hey everyone,

I am selling my CLYW 28 stories collection which at one point was the largest in existence. I already sold a bunch but these are still looking for a new owner and home. Most of them are in pristine condition but feel free to ask for more detailed pictures. Please keep in mind that shipping to the States is around €15 (I am located in Belgium), so for both of us, multiple yoyos in 1 deal are more interesting. I have a lot of experience shipping to all over the world and quite some people in the yoyo scene can vouch for me if needed.

From left to right
ROW1: Sasquatch, Bvm2, Sasquatch, Borealis, Chief
ROW2: Avalanche, Avalanche, Cliff (SOLD), Kodiak, Gnarwhal
ROW3: Battosai, Summit, Peak 2, Avalanche
BOTTOM: Ti Peak #29/140

Feel free to offer what you think is a fair price and we’ll start from there. More detailed pictures upon request.

Warm regards,



This was such an awesome collection.

Why’d you pick 28 stories as the preferred colorway?

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