First off, I am not sure if this is in the right sub-forum, so, mods, please change it if it needs to be.

Secondly, I am curious to know if anyone has a collection of every single CLYW yoyo that has been released including their collabs: H5xChief, Summit, Galactic Goose, Wooly Markmont (I don’t know if there are others, if so then those count as well). Any got 'em all?

I got all the CLYW models that had a 28s run :slight_smile:,87743.0.html

Yeah, there are a few collectors that have everything. Including multiple color ways. Elvin Lim has a pretty large collection.

These are impressive

I think I have or at least had everything minus the collabs as they didn’t really interest me. I’ll try to snap a shot of them some day. :slight_smile:

I think i have the only team wooly marmot so good luck to that guy, also BvsM sebby personal custom ano’d throw




Anyone else seen a team wooly?



This was one of my firs CLYW throws I ever got and it’s done a lot of travelling with me. Still one of the best undersized yoyos ever in my opinion.


Sick throw, nice to see the brother so 2 known team ed marmots. I like the stable feeling on the string…