Colorway collections...

So I know other people on this forum have colorway collection like I’ve seen OD Nickles, OD Bapes, CLYW 28 Stories and I’d really love to see other’s collections. :slight_smile:

I have my own that isn’t big at all but it’s still my probably my favorite colorway thus far, Ninja Hurdles! I have a 1 of 3 Pre-Release Canvas. Also a 1 of 20? Summit that I surprisingly bought both for BENBOD360 :stuck_out_tongue:
Ninja Hurdle. by ImPerfectooo, on Flickr
Ninja Hurdle. by ImPerfectooo, on Flickr

No one has a colorway collection?

I don’t know if you have an Instagram account or not, but my friend KJ has the complete CLYW Ash Berry collection owning all models that been released with in that color. It’s beautiful in person.

Those are BEAUTIFUL.

Do you know if he got the AC2 and Bonfire in the Ash Berry as well?

He currently has the Ash Berry AC2 at his house, but can’t open it until Christmas. He did order the ash berry bonfire, but that’ll show up sometime after Christmas. Can’t wait to see them both.

My favorite colorway has a whole thread  :smiley:,48147.0.html

This photo needs an update (taken in October):
YYECaseOct13 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Couldn’t fit them all in here:
YYEeditions by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

I thought everything was suppose to make it before Christmas? We still have 11 Days so I guess it depends on where everyone lives : P

The bonfires were only going to make it before Christmas if you picked the Fedex international shipping option.

That’s what CLYW said. Using FedEx, that’s pretty much the only safe bet to get it before Christmas. I went cheap and chose standard small parcel. I don’t have to have the Bonfire I ordered that fast. It could happen. It may not. As long as it eventually arrives is all I can ask. My previous CLYW order took 9 or 10 days to arrive from when the order was placed. I expect a few more days due to the holiday traffic.

I don’t have a colorway collection. I do have 3 28-stories CLYW’s. I could have gotten a 28 stories Bonfire to go with my 28 Stories Campfire, but I just got the AC2 in 28 Stories, and I already have a Wooly Marmot in 28 stories. I simply didn’t feel like getting another one. I did strongly debate it though. I went with the red with clear splash.

While I’m more into solids, some of the colorways I’ve seen, I am finding more of them agreeable these days. I’m also getting colors that I normally would not, mostly so the case that they sit in looks more colorful. I recently got a green single line Format: C because I didn’t have a solid green yoyo like that yet. When the Puffin 2 drops, I’m going to try for a Concrete Blizzard. When the Valor drops, I have no idea what will be available, but if they have a silver or grey solid, that would be a first choice.

Whatever you get, get what you like. You’re spending your money, you have to live with it. Absolutely nothing wrong with colorway collections.

At one point when I thought I needed multiples of every yoyo I was most wanting to collect every 28 Stories throw. This was a period of time where there were far fewer CLYW models in existence, acquiring a 1st/2nd run Peak and BvM were much less expensive BST ventures, the Spring Edition fake 28 Stories Bassalope was still available retail, and I was much more liquid myself. These days I tend to do the exact opposite and try to get one of each yoyo in a different colorway that I really enjoy as far as CLYWs go and only pick up other brands that have both specs that really interest me along with really intriguing/unique colorways. I’d have to go actually look at my yoyos but I think at the moment the only colorway with a name that I own 2 of right now does happen to be 28 Stories (09 Marmot, 2nd run Peak). On the occasions that I purchase a solid color yoyo I generally go with black, silver, grey or blue but I’m not sure “blue” counts as a colorway =P

Studio, wise choice on the Bonfire. I debated between 28 Stories, red with clear and Clareview Station. I eliminated 28 Stories simply because I had 2 already then ended up going red with clear since I already have a Clareview Station Blizzard Canvas plus the red with clear happened to be $10 less so I decided to let my inner penny pincher make the decision.

I like variation too much to only collect one color or colorway. Some of theses collections look pretty cool though.

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Couldn’t agree more!

Alot of CLYW buyers here. Anyone got a Cosby sweater 5 panel they’d be wiling to part with?

Same here too. I try to keep all my yoyos different colors, because what is the fun in having all the same colorways? haha. Unless you are collecting them of course. :smiley:

I may have to go down this route soon with my CLYW collection, due to the seeming decay of the DD colorway :frowning: I am partial to electric bacon though…

Solids count as a colorway in my book.

I had actually allocated $165 for the yoyo, so getting the 28 stories was an option. I also almost decided to get the Harrison Hurricane one, but in the end, the red/clear stood out a bit more.

Once all the new One Drops arrive as well as the Puffin 2(after it drops), I might to “pretty case shots” to post up.

I was now just thinking about starting a colorway collection.

But if I did, I would want to use them (having a small cheapish collection) not keep them for show…