Caribou Lodge Colorways' Frequency & Consistency of Appearance

Basically, for those who collect a specific colorway of Caribou Lodge, I want to know if there is a way to determine if a certain colorway will eventually appear in a run for a particular model. There are several questions below, all related to the same thing, so please answer any that you know the answer to.

  1. If you collect a specific CLYW colorway, are there common predictors for whether or not the colorway will eventually appear in a run?

  2. Are there CLYW colorways that have “always” appeared, on every model, no matter what?

  3. Does anyone know on what basis a series of colorways are chosen for specific models?

Does this depend on:

A. What the anodizer has in stock;
B. What Chris wants to see, or
C. What the retailer prefers to sell?

Are all three considerations to be weighed? Are there even more considerations than those?

Okay…that’s more than enough questions, but you get the idea :wink: Please only answer if you have some reliable information based on paying close attention to past releases. I am looking for more than a guess. I just started buying CLYW not that long ago, so I am curious about all this.

If there is a thread on this, post me a link. Thanks in advance.

I want to find this out too cant wait to find out

A friend of mine named K.J. collects the Ash Berry colorway from CLYW. He would probably know.
It seems to me that the colorway of yoyos from CLYW seem to be fairly random. Like for example, when the BVM2 came out, it only came out in 2 colorways. But now there are much more. and the last run of the canvas only has 4. whereas, yoyos like the avalanche and puffin have over 10 out right now.

As for colorways that I see alot and very frequently it would be;
Clearview station (the blue with yellow splash)
Yogi color (Brown, black, etc. looks like yogi the dog)
Hulk Smash is pretty popular
Ash Berry (every yoyo has come in ash berry)
Camp Caribou
28 stories
Electric Bacon
Black Bip Bop (although very rare)
Grey Bip Bop (also rare)
The blizzards (fire blizzard, blizzard, concrete blizzard and space blizzard)
And usually a monocolor with speckle (example black with speckle, pink with speckle etc)
and the harrison Hurricane is taking over lol
If I think of more Ill post them.

I collect Delirium Dive throws. I believe that I have all the throws that have been produced thus far in that colorway. They are:
New Ava
Walrus Canvas

I am missing the Chupacabra decked out in a similar colorway to this, and I have a DD PC’d Peak. Which is stunning!

I am yet to work out why the colorway hasn’t been implemented on the BVM2, but if it ever is I will snap that bad boy up in a heartbeat. To my knowledge it is not on the GE or the Puffin, which is why I don’t own a Puffin. I reluctantly bought a GE in a different colorway, but given that I really like the play I’m glad that I did. I’m concerned right now that Electric Bacon has overtaken my fave colorway… :frowning:

EDIT: I should add that financial reasons, loving a colorway that started after the Peaks were produced is probably a good thing :wink:

^ Thanks for trying to break it all down for me. What is interesting is that they are tops in the business when it comes to colorways. That means that you will have a lot of people trying to establish a color coordinated or uniform CLYW collection. So, if the colors are random, and they skip your sought colorway on a model, it breaks the consistency of your CLYW collection, and means you cannot keep the uniformity going.

So, with CLYW being tops in the colorway department, I wanted to know how predictable they have become at releasing certain colorways, and if they want to cater to those uniform collectors to some degree. I’d like to see a blue blizzard BVM2. :slight_smile:

I’m nearly certain have never been any runs of Ashberry on the following: Peak, Wooly Marmot, Wooly Markmont, Sasquatch, Campfire, BvM, Yeti, or Bassalope.

As for your question, TA, I’m unsure. There are a few colors that pop up quite often, such as Blizzard, 28 Stories, Hulk Smash, Ashberry, and Clareview, but I have no idea as to whether there is a systematic approach to the colorway choice.

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thanks , im gonna ask k.j cuz im also friends with him

OK, so I should prefix the rest of this post by saying that I’m a cynical crotchety old so and so.

Deciding on a colorway and maintaining it from the very beginning of a new company for a longstanding company like CLYW can clearly become problematic. Equally some new colorways are cool, I like the Electric Bacon. But the cynical bit of me is trying to figure out the business angle here. Introducing an ‘old’ collectible colorway on a late run ensures that those people who bought early run throws will likely buy another. I’m not saying this is what happens, I have absolutely no evidence to support this, but it is a strategy. If this isn’t currently being used as a strategy, the Chris should almost certainly employ it :wink: Of course, for a fee :slight_smile: (jks) And I would have absolutely no hard feelings about companies doing something like this, it only makes sense.

On a more serious note the colorway choices from CLYW have intrigued me too TA. For example the original run of the BVM2 being only in two colors. And the first GE run being in several new colors and not many older colorways. My guess it is literally comes down to what is available, how many throws are being produced, what tickles Chris’ fancy, and cost. I’m guessing that keeping colorways simple, or limited on early runs may keep costs down until public opinion has decided how popular a throw is going to be. It seems like a sound stratagem. To someone with no business acumen whatsoever like me.

Wooly Markmont really? :o

noticed 28 stories seem to always appear on the second run of a throw

Interesting points by Slowyojoe, who suggests that one of the considerations may be business strategy/cost, which might make sense as well.

So, now the question is whether or not it is worth the effort to have a uniform collection of CLYW. Or, if there seems to be no predictor of whether certain colorways can be expected. Understandably, newer colorways could not be achieved on past models that will not be re-released. So, I can see why a uniform collection of them will not be achieved. Perhaps the idea of a uniform CLYW collection should be abandoned altogether.

I like Big Cats term of the “systematic approach” to choosing colorways. Well put Big Cat. :wink:

28 stories is my favorite colorway ever. Currently it is not in the bassalope and canvas as far as I know.

The colors are usually what Chris feels like, and what is selling currently.

Also you will occasionally see some store specific colors that they pick out if that store specifically puts an order in.

I don’t think there is a model to have “all” the colorways.
Closest one would be the model with the most runs, which are the Chief and Avalanche, if I’m not mistaken.

Older models that are no longer produced have missed certain colorways.
But also, newer models have missed certain colorways because of:

  1. technique/colour recreation (ie. maple drip)
  2. player colorways (ie. Sebby, Pekka, etc)

There are a lot of colorways that were exclusive to certain models, such as the Gnarwhal and Sasquatch. Many are speckle colour combination tests Chris tested out during that time but some did get names like the “Team Edition” and the opposite, the mint chocolate chip.

Also, I remember Chris was telling me back when the Canvas came out that he did not want to do many solids because of the ratio of anodization flaws due to the schmoove ring. I would assume the same applies for most double-ring designs.

Closest to having a full-run of colorways is the 28 Stories, with missing (from what I know) the Campfire and the Bassalope.

^ Thanks for chiming in. It really does sound like we should abandon the idea of having a “uniform” CLYW collection, as no color has ever appeared on all models. I guess a more realistic goal is to get “as many as possible” of a colorway or get them “when they appear.”

I think jiggyfly has a 28 stories campfire or at least that’s what he said in his collection vid. To me it looked a spring edition but who knows. The 28 stories puffin and 28 stories chief look nothing alike. Some runs just have a different look.

I’m out to collect all te clyws in 28 stories I’d possible

Yeah my idea is to pick up a Delirium Dive throw whenever they appear, but it does put me off some of the others, if that colorway doesn’t exist. I’m really glad that it did appear (and feature quite prominantly) on my favorite CLYW, and I’m even more glad for the existence of Mullicabob, who’s stunning PC’ing means that at least adhering to a color scheme throughout a collection is entirely possible, if not a colorway.

I used to collect Jack Rabbit CLYWs. It seems Chris has made an attempt to at least have a few in that colorway on each of his new yoyos. There were 5 Jack Rabbit Cliffs and 5 Jack Rabbit Summits. There were also a run of Chiefs and Puffins that got the colorway, not sure how many though.

I ended up selling my JR Cliff and trading my JR Summit because they just weren’t close enough to the 3rd run Avalanche, which was the first to feature the black/white wash with pink speckles. On both my Cliff and Summit, the speckles seemed to be fairly washed out. Just looked rather sloppy to me.

Still have my 3rd run Ava and a Chief in Jack Rabbit, though! :smiley:

I assume that whether or not Chris makes a colorway available on a new model is based primarily on if it’s going to sell and what colors he and his team members want to so. I think Joe made a good point with the old colorways on new models to guarantee sales.

I don’t mean to sound too cynical, but it does seem that the more “desirable” colorways tend to come in the second or third round. Not always, but it does generally strike me that confetti’s, 28 stories, and a few of the other exceedingly popular colorways just don’t come in the initial run.

The possibly cynical part of this being that I think this is probably done on purpose, either to get people to consider buying a second, or to further entice people who are potential buyers, but not the types who will immediately buy a first run throw no matter the colorways.

I could be wrong. Maybe things just happen and I see a pattern that isn’t there. But, it would make sense.