CLYW Colorways & solid color (merged)

whats happening to the clyw color ways i feel like they are changing a lot, i liked the old ones better i feel like these newer ones are looking more like yoyo factory…

They are changing them. Is this even a question. I mean companies keep changing stuff.

well i guess my question is why, and are they keeping the old ones to?

I imagine they will do some of their popular ones. Like Hulk Smash, Confetti, Jack Rabbit, 28 Stories, Black Bip Bop, but some of the other ones will probably go away.

ok, is the reason just because of the unpopularity of some of the old one like clear view station? and do you think the new ones look like yyf?

The new run reminds me of YoyoFactory. Every berry smoothie on the Orca looks just like a YoyoFactory galaxy to me, so I know what you mean. They cover the reasons why on their page. You may want to take a look there for some answers, and it’s an interesting read. I just don’t want to type it all here. Basically, anodizer issues sums it up.

I despise all of the new ones. I will buy solid before I even think about buying a new splash.

where can i find it on their ask fm i keep scrolling but i see nothing

step 1 quick scroll a lot of pages
step 2 search for ‘color’

The last post on this subject was from just 6 days ago, so it’s not that far down on the page. You can search further if you’re interested in the topic and want to read more.

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i found it thank you! so does anyone like these colors?

Love them. I don’t think anyone should ever constrain themselves to in a box. New looks keep it fresh. Is it really such a bad thing to change? (Even just a little…)

I hate the new colorways. Not because of any similarities to YYF, it’s just that they look bad IMO. I do like solid aqua quite a bit though. If they keep Jack rabbit and blue thistle I’m happy.

im debating about weather or not to get a solid red bonfire, it the over all yoyo a good investment? should i not get it because it is not a splash? and how does this yoyo compare to the scout, and the orca?

Found a couple of pertinent quotes from CLYW’s

Personally, I love the new colourways. I mean:

Come on, those are some good looking yo-yos right there!

… and yes, it’s clear that the top left uses YYF’s ‘Alien Galaxy’ as a base coat, and the one next to it is the same as YYF’s ‘Galaxy’ colourway. However, there isn’t a person on this earth that’s going to convince me that having a ‘Galaxy’ or ‘Alien Galaxy’ (imo the best looking colourways ever) Orca is a bad thing.

I think the sheer variety in the new runs is great. Personally, I’ll take these:

over these:

Allllll day long.

I know that there are some people that prefer the old ones, and that’s fair enough. To each their own. Still, I’m loving the new colours. :slight_smile:


The new colors definitely look better than the same old look from the past, and definitely a YoyoFactory look on a few of them. But, we’re not even sure that CLYW is going this direction in the future. It may have been a one-run type deal. Perhaps we are jumping the gun thinking about what this new run means for the company. If they know, we’ll all just have to wait to find out.

A more interesting question to me, is how CLYW feels about other companies taking some of their more “signature” color schemes, and putting them on their yo-yos in the future. If we are going to relax about the colorway thing, perhaps it should happen across the board?

Would you mind seeing a 28 stories colorway on another company’s throws? How about Jack Rabbit or Harrison Hurricane? Would it depend on their relationship with that particular company? Would a phone call have to take place first for it to be okay? For a lot of people, the whole colorway thing is not a big deal, because some would argue you can trademark the name of the colorway, but not the colors. Yoyofficer had some colorways that looked strikingly similar to CLYW in the past. I think the trend changing, and things “looking more YoyoFactory,” means that YoyoFactory is in the lead in the colorway department. In the past, things were looking kinda CLYW.

Or maybe it could be that the old anodizer that did the old colorways is backed up and they want to do more runs so it’s kinda forced them to use the anodizer that YYF uses

They’re cool and I think they are changing because they want to see if those colorways are popular. If they are, then they’ll keep them and if not then they will scratch them.

The colorways they used on the orcas that just released are awesome.