Favorite colorways


What are some of your favorite colorways?

I really wish clyw would do some of their older color ways. Even those from like a year ago. I’m not a massive fan of the new ones. Their bright colored, older ones were my favorite.


-Royal blue
-any American flag (especially on bimetal)

(InvaderDust) #2

They are working with new anodisers to work with some of the older colorways. I bet by the end of January well see another batch drop full of nostalgia and beauty.

Lost in Space
Rainbow Trout / Beach party (varies So much, they can be winners or duds)
Electric Bacon
OG 28 stories
Rainicorn Swirl

just off the top of my head.


Good! That’s awesome!




I can not decide, so two:

  • Clyw Grizzly Bear Clown Town 1st run, because at the time was the most sensational and complex you could see… acid wash, splash, drip, veins, speckles and beautiful colors… all in one yoyo!
  • OneDrop Jackie Moon fade because in spin, the color combination (beautiful) throws a new totally unexpected color. So should all fade!


Totally agree with you!!!
When we spoke with Riccardo to ideas be proposed for the colors of the Manatee, I said it would be nice to reinterpret some famous colors of the past with a rare and unique type of Caribuo … the Maple Drips!
My ideas were:

  • Hot pink (like the Peak) with light gold drips and I would have called “The Clown Town”
  • Dark blue with bright red drips “The Shark”
  • Black with dark gold splash “The reverse nugget”

They have never been made. >:(