ZGRT gives programme - 2022 goal

Since the beginning of our journey, we wanted to give back to the community by promoting yo-yo and, at the same time, giving away throws to people who have difficulties in getting one.

So far we have reached 41 people in 10 countries around the world.


Some people from the forum helped us in reaching that goal through donations or covering the shipping costs.

For 2022, we have a goal in delivering 4 times the number of throws we have delivered. This time, MagicYoyo supplied us with 140 one third-D2 yoyos that we will be using to reach this goal. Those throws would be on top of the throws we prototype and give away to more skilled players.

So…we will need your help in reaching that goal if you are willing to participate with us. Who’s in???


How can I help?


What kind of assistance are you looking for?



Got some donations already to cover some shipments. We are looking right now who to deliver some yo-yos so if you know or can give them away we will send you some!

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I’m 100% in because I’ve REALLY been interested in offering free yoyo classes here in my City (Sudbury,Ontario)
But unfortunately I just don’t have the means to supply potential students with a yoyo that not from my personal collection And don’t want to get dinged :joy:

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How many do you need?

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Not a crazy amount :sweat_smile: I’d say about 5 :thinking: because I have a plan to let the people interested ,use them and keep them (once they finish the initial basic course :grin:)
along with giving them a higher quality unresponsive yoyo once they get to a certain level and WANT to take the next step :grin:

My “basic” course will be 2- 1.5 hour “throw sessions” where I work on helping identify the strengths of each player and the type of 0A or 1A play style that is most comfortable and beneficial to progression

I will then have a weekly gathering to help further progress WITH anyone that decides to continue on to the “Next level” where we will not only cover learning more ‘intermediate/advanced” things like combo building , trick creation , learning new elements etc
BUT I will also do the best with the knowledge I have to help teach things on-

-Yoyo Community history , influential player styles, differences in yoyo design, collection advice etc

I know Right now there’s 2 kids (bosses grandkids lol) that are interested , and I believe anymore than 5 at a time would be tough to give the attention needed to do what I would like to :grin:

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Great! I will DM you to coordinate! Thanks :pray:!!

15 yo-yos going to Latin America and Slovenia! Thanks for your contributions!


40 yoyos going to Mexico!! I can’t believe it! thanks for those who contributed in making this possible!